Death of Digital Gifts: No more 5x


We received a report on Twitter that as of earlier this week, PayPal Digital Gifts is no longer earning 5x with Chase Ink Cash or Ink Plus cards. Unfortunately, this has been corroborated by data points on Reddit, Doctor of Credit, and in our Frequent Miler Insiders Group. A member of our Insiders group shares the following screen shot illustrating that this change appears to have happened on 10/17/17.

Sadly, reports at Reddit and DoC also indicate that these purchases are no longer earning 3x on the Ink Business Preferred either, and Cardcash has ceased earning 5x with Ink Cash / Plus cards as well.

It’s not impossible that this is a short-term glitch, but it looks like that is not the case at this point. It’s definitely a disappointment to see this one go, but cheers to a great opportunity that many people enjoyed while it lasted.

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My timing was super bad: I bought a gift card on Oct. 17 from paypal digital gifts. I wouldn’t have made that transaction without the extra 5%. I see on my online statement that it’s coded “miscellaneous.” I guess that’s the kiss of death. 🙂

Oh well. since it was for $90 (I was already getting a 10% discount on ebay) I guess I’m out about $4, since I’ll still get 1%. In the scheme of MS-style bad luck, I suppose this barely registers.



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Aww man. I recently started using my chase ink for best buy gift cards too…. Ugh only got like 33k out of 50k done. God I wish I found out about cardcash coding 5x earlier. What a shame.


This isn’t a glitch. Chase has been making a move towarss this for a little while now, according to a couple of sources. Sad to see it go.


Any other place to buy ebay GCs online and get 5x?

Harlan V.

I believe Gyft still works for 5X.

Greg The Frequent Miler

You can search for 5X options here:

Try, Gyft, and Swych. I think is the most reliable given that it is actually an office supply store.


Yes, if it’s changed by Chase (and it looks like it), then is the only place to get it online. Or just go to the B&M store like I did years ago.


Can you still buy a Paypal digital gifts or gift card mall retailer gift card on eBay using an EBAY gift card? I know there were changes a while back where you won’t earn bucks…but I couldn’t recall if this was another limitation?


No bucks, no GC with GC, now no 5x INK

PPDG definitely going to feel the hurt on this one.


You can buy eBay gift cards in store at Staples and OfficeMax/Office Depot. You won’t get 5X, but eBay gift cards are frequently on sale at a 10% discount through Samsung Pay.


Yes, I bought a few on Samsung Pay, and AT&T AM also gives 3x there, and of course USB AR.

Harlan V.

I’d be super careful with this with the USB AR card. They’re known to shut down account for gift card purchases.


I finished my bonus some time ago. I was buying some GCs using Flexperks (not much), so far so good. TTT. Bought a few also using AR at Gamestop, was also good. I think they are only targeting this for meeting MSR.


really, ebay gc purchase there is not 5x? what about amazon gc?


Should be 5x at OD/OM/Staples.