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Roll your own airline elite status

You can get elite treatment without paying the price for elite-level loyalty.  This week on Frequent Miler on the Air, we talk the perks...
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Delta breaks up with its loyal customers. It’s not you, it’s Delta

Delta doesn't want your undying devotion, they just want your dollars. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Delta has redesigned...
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Citi’s awesome rewards program

The Citi ThankYou program gets less attention than its transferable points program brethren. Does Citi have a sleeper cell of cards that can provide...
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Two for the price of one: How to get a free companion ticket

Whether you've got a partner for life or a freeloading friend, this week we talk how to bring a companion for free when you...
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10 tricks for spending fewer points for flights & hotels (game show edition)

Get your pen and paper ready and see how many of this week's 10 tricks for spending fewer points for flight and hotel rewards...
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Chase Ultimate Rewards points: Best ways to get great value

After discussing card strategy last week, this week on Frequent Miler on the Air, we discuss strategies to get the most value that you...
a man holding a credit card

Must have Chase cards

If you want to win big, you've got to start with a strategy. In this game, that means figuring out which cards you must...
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How to earn millions of points from credit card welcome offers

With eight million miles and points available via new credit card welcome offers, the rewards card game can be very rewarding indeed. This week, we...
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Wringing value from Delta SkyMiles

If you are flush with Delta SkyMiles, don't flush them on redemptions requiring hundreds of thousands of miles each way! Instead, listen to this...
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The new American Airlines Executive card. Is it worth the new fee?

The cost of doing business has gone up. Is it still worth paying for the ultra-premium American Airlines Executive card with its major changes?...
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Partner up to maximize rewards

The quickest way to earn rewards in this game is through new card welcome bonuses. Playing in two-player mode -- where you and a...
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How to find impossible hotel awards

The most desirable hotel awards are nearly impossible to find....unless you have the tools you need to find them. On this week's Frequent Miler...
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Are first class awards worth the extra miles?

On this week's podcast, Nick and I discuss the huge advantage of flying business class over economy or premium economy (and how airline miles...
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Easy Marriott Elite Status

Marriott Platinum status can be yours with as few as 10 nights spend in Marriott hotels this year. This week, we discuss how to...

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