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What’s in our wallets?

Since Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Garner won't stop asking, this week we discuss what's in OUR wallets (and why). Will the answer make...

Which is the most rewarding hotel loyalty program?

Do you know which hotel program rewards its members the most for paid stays? If you thought there was a clear answer to that...

Bright spots in Hyatt’s 2023 devaluation

Despite the doom and gloom you have have heard about Hyatt's 2023 category changes, the news isn't all bad. This week on Frequent Miler...

How to turn a $95 card into 4 ocean cruises

It's currently at least theoretically possible to get a single card that costs $95 per year and turn it into four free cruises --...

Travel Hacker’s Toolkit

When friends and family ask me how we can afford to travel the way we do, I often simplify and say that we're really...

SkyMiles Strike Back

Long the laughing stock of the award travel world, Delta SkyMiles is striking back against popular perception. On this week's Frequent Miler on the...

Hidden City Ticketing: Techniques, Challenges and Ethics

Hidden city ticketing is a technique for saving a bundle of miles or money on flights, but how do you do it? What do...

First Class for 5: Gambling on Frequent Miler’s 2023 Team Challenge

Do you often read about the luxury travels of bloggers and think "That's nice, but it's not possible to do that with an entire...

The single best best $250 credit card wallet for point collectors

What's the strongest transferable points wallet you can muster with just a $250 budget for annual fees? Will Greg or Nick come up with...

Doing New Zealand with points

Fresh off the plane from New Zealand, Greg shares highlights from his trip Down Under and we discuss the best ways to get to...

Elite Treats: the best elite benefits in the business

Airline, hotel, and rental car programs treat their best customers to the highest level of recognition. Are the perks worth your loyalty? Which elite...

What was the 2022 Deal of the Year?

All year long we have written about great deals -- from hot credit card bonuses to award alert messages, stacking opportunities, ways to earn...

2022 Bonvoyed awards

(Drumroll, please): Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have been waiting for all year long has finally arrived. This week, we present to you...

American Airlines takes elite gaming to the next level

The newly revamped AAdvantage Loyalty Points program seems to be designed with an eye toward gamification. Gone are the days when George Clooney's character...

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