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Amex races out of the gate. What’s next?

Amex raced out of the gate this week with big new offers for Platinum cardholders. Will they put the pressure on everyone else? What...

Rewards that can’t wait

This week on Frequent Miler On The Air, Greg and I discussed the things you need to do now in order to take advantage...

Chase Ultimate Rewards: More ultimate than before

Chase Ultimate Rewards announced the coming addition of an official transfer partner in Air Canada Aeroplan, but that's not where Chase news ended. This...

AA miles: more valuable and less elusive than they seem

This week, Greg and Nick discuss the multitude of ways to earn American Airlines miles without flying, which seems tough on the surface since...

Rocking Cyber Monday

Extra discounts. More points. Stacking coupons. Card-linked offers. Gift card promotions. The simultaneous convergence of everything we love about stacking deals and saving money...

Free points. Free money. Just ask.

If you were in line at the bank and the branch manager came around handing out $100 bills to thank customers for their loyalty,...

The amazing 250K offer

Back in the Mach-April-May time period, Greg and I predicted that we would probably see issuers pull back a bit at first and then...

Manufacturing spend & cash with buyers clubs

This week we talked a bunch about buying bullion: the US Mint had a very limited edition gold coin available - and both buyers...

Delta Diamond devalued, but not destroyed

Delta Diamond status is highly regarded among frequent flyers - so much so that it has seemed worthwhile to Greg to spend enough money...

The right stuff for stuff-seekers, +3x strategy, questioning the value of Gold and more

Given the general trends regarding travel and borders that are closed in many places, readers have frequently asked about the best ways to redeem...

Defending yourself against Amex’s war on gaming & more

Amex's new incredible referral offers combined with some excellent big spend bonuses on a few Amex cards make it tempting to put the pedal...

Raising points while raising kids, tools to plan a mattress run, FM business update...

This week at Frequent Miler, we tackled whether or not to mattress run Marriott, updated a tool to help you decide whether and how...

Hotel Loyalty Wars, Amazon Prime Day, and more

This week Marriott and Hyatt launched an all-out battle for customer loyalty.  Marriott seems to think that the key to our hearts is through...

Huge credit card offers; Hyatt answers; and solving X1

This week we posted analyses of the newest huge credit card offers and predicted what will come next. Also, because of intense interest in...

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