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The revised Platinum card coming soon (like it or not)

Are you ready to pay $695 a year to hold a shiny credit card? Are other issuers going to follow suit? What is the...

100K Offers here, there, and everywhere

Just a few years ago, the audacity of a 100K offer was enough to propel the Chase Sapphire Reserve into the mainstream media. Today,...

Mileage running Delta

This week on Frequent Miler on the Air, Greg and I dive into Delta elite status through award tickets, the latest interesting development in the...

Hyatt Thumps Marriott

Why is it that so many people in the loyalty maximization game sing Hyatt's praises? How do they kick so much butt with a...

Delta miles are worth more than AA miles. Whaaat?

How much are airline miles worth? Surely almost anyone reading this likely knows that depends on how you use them. We recognize that there...

Greg’s round-the-world business class adventure

This week on Frequent Miler on the Air, we dive into Greg's round-the-world business class adventure courtesy of his expiring ANA miles, taking a...

Sweet-Spots Come Home And Uncle Sam Stops By

This week on Frequent Miler on the Air, Greg says, "This will be the 'don't listen to what Greg says' episode where he says...

Extreme stacking gone wrong

Is Extreme Stacking dead? We've recently seen a number of seemingly easy stacking deals go wrong, leaving us to ask ourselves how the game...

Amex changes the game

On this week's episode of Frequent Miler on the Air, we discuss how Amex has changed the game pretty significantly in terms of how...

Is Chase about to drop the hammer on Manufactured Spending?

Is Chase finally wiping out all means of manufactured spending by charging cash advance fees for your favorite types of purchases? If you have...

No such thing as a free upgrade

On this week's episode of Frequent Miler on the Air, Greg and I discuss the impending challenge(s) I face thanks to him Passing the...

Amex races out of the gate. What’s next?

Amex raced out of the gate this week with big new offers for Platinum cardholders. Will they put the pressure on everyone else? What...

Rewards that can’t wait

This week on Frequent Miler On The Air, Greg and I discussed the things you need to do now in order to take advantage...

Chase Ultimate Rewards: More ultimate than before

Chase Ultimate Rewards announced the coming addition of an official transfer partner in Air Canada Aeroplan, but that's not where Chase news ended. This...

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