Targeted Business Gold card offers: up to 180K points


There are some fantastic targeted snail mal offers going out for the American Express Business Gold card, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the mailbox. Danny the Deal Guru reports an offer for 180K Membership Rewards points after $20K in purchases in the first 3 months. My wife received an offer that pales in comparison but is still the second-best offer I’ve ever heard for this card at 130K points after $20K in purchases.

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The Offers

  • Amex is sending out targeted offers via mail for the Business Gold card that are some of the best offers we’ve ever seen. At least two different offers have been reported so far, so you’ll want to keep your eye on your mailbox to see if you’re targeted:
    • Offer 1: Earn 180K Membership Rewards points after $20,000 in eligible purchases in the first 6 months
    • Offer 2: Earn 130K Membership Rewards points after $20,000 in eligible purchases in the first 6 months
  • Note that these targeted mailer offers come with a unique RSVP code to call and apply

Key Card Details

Note that the card details below are for reference about the card’s benefits and earning structure. If you click these card details, you’ll be taken to our dedicated Business Gold card page, which includes current public offer information rather than the targeted mail offers discussed in this post.

Card Name w Details & Review (no offer)
American Express® Business Gold Card

FM Mini Review: This card is pricey for one with few perks. Keep only if you make good use of one or two 4X categories.

Annual Fee: $295

Card Type: Amex Pay Over Time Card


Earning rate: Earn 4X on the two categories where your business spends the most each billing cycle from the following categories: ⚬ US purchases at restaurants ⚬ Airfare purchased directly from airlines ⚬ U.S. purchases for advertising in select media ⚬ U.S. purchases at gas stations ⚬ U.S. purchases for shipping ⚬ U.S. computer hardware, software, and cloud computing purchases made directly from select providers. 4X applies to first $150,000 in combined purchases in your two categories each calendar year, 1X point per dollar thereafter and on other purchases. Terms apply.

Noteworthy perks: 25% Airline Bonus: Get 25% points back after you Pay With Points for flights with your selected airline (or premium cabin with any airline). Terms Apply. (Rates & Fees)

Quick Thoughts

The offer reported by Danny the Deal Guru sounds awesome. While the spending requirement is quite high at $20K in the first 6 months, the bonus is as juicy as I’ve ever seen on the Business Gold card.

If not for that 180K offer, I’d have been pretty darn enthused about the offer my wife received yesterday to get 130K points with $20K in purchases.

She had previously been targeted for up to 100K points with $10K spend (read details here). On the one hand, the new offer she received only adds an additional 30K points for an additional $10K spend. That might seem low, but if you spend enough in a 4x bonus category, adding an effective 3x on top is icing on the cake. That said, if the $20K spending requirement is a stretch, then the 100K offer may be a better choice than the 130K offer (assuming you had it available). Note that the current public offer at the time of writing is significantly lower.

My wife immediately wondered whether she could call and get Amex to match the 180K targeted offer. That’s certainly not something one can count on, but I said that an extra 50K points is probably worth a phone call. They probably won’t match her to it, but the worst they will say is “no” and since she is clearly targeted for an increased offer on the card, it’s worth taking a swing. Since the mailer indicates that the offer is good until August 5th and we’re currently making our way through some other spending requirements, we’ll probably hold off a few weeks on doing anything with this. However, I’m pretty sure we’ll do it one way or another since it’s hard to pass up such a big bonus opportunity on a card she’s never had and we’ll have some expenses coming up next month that will help knock out a nice little chunk of the spend.

Again, the spending requirements here are steep — if you’re eligible for the plain vanilla Amex Platinum card, that offer would certainly more compelling at the time of writing. But for folks who have already hit the other big bonuses currently available, this is as good as we’ve seen it get for the Business Gold card.

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