Amex Business Gold: another big welcome offer with no lifetime language (targeted)


Another day, another targeted welcome offer from Amex. Today, Greg found a shiny, new welcome offer for the Business Gold on his account. It’s a significant improvement on the standard offer and does not include AMEX’s once-in-a-lifetime language. I imagine many folks will find themselves targeted.

a close up of a coupon

The Offers and Key Card Details

It’s worth noting that if you see this message (or something like it), it means you’re not targeted:

a screen shot of a computer

Quick Thoughts

This is effectively the same targeted offer that Amex has been sending out periodically over the last few months, which offers an increased bonus as well as an additional 10K for adding an authorized user and spending $1,000 on the “employee” card. This new link has a listed expiry of 5/31/23

There are plenty of various AMEX links out there, you may want to check out this post to see what’s still around. That said this is definitely a nice welcome offer with reasonable spend and not having once-in-a-lifetime language makes it very appealing. There have also been common reports over the last couple of years of Business Gold customers getting 100K upgrade offers to the Business Platinum within the first year of card membership, which makes for a superb year one haul if you’re targeted.  These offers almost always come with no hard-pull, but YMMV.

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biz gold is lousy card, imo. basically you’re buying MR points —- $295 for 100k MR. torn if worth doing as not have use for MR points at this time and just saving for future use.

Biggie F

If, like me, you are not especially imaginative with MS, and have to make the $10,000 spend via tax payments, then there is another $198 or so involved here. So I think of it more as buying 110K MR points for $493. Still a deal, but even less compelling… Thus, torn like you.

The theoretical sweet spot for this deal is someone who doesn’t have a Business Platinum and wants to buy an F ticket that costs $1,100. Then, for half an hour or so of clicking and form-filling, they could get the ticket for $493, plus an eventual 27,500 MR points (25% rebate from the card).


There’s actually having the offer show up when you’re logged in. Then there’s clicking on a link and seeing whether you’re targeted or not depending on what screen displays next. Heretofore, I’ve only gone for the offers that actually show up in my account. I’ve not gone for the link-based offers. I earn a lot of points via spending alone and I’m somewhat apprehensive about spoiling a good thing. Any thoughts?


PS I have clicked on the link-based offers just to see what would happen. With some, I’m “targeted.” With others, I’m not. But, I’ve never actually applied via one of these links.

Biggie F

FWIW, I did a very high point value link-based NLL offer a couple of months back, and – so far – so far, so good (SUB received). Will it come back to haunt me? Time will tell. I hedged a small bit by transferring out some MR points in the process.




Yep, targeted again. Already got 5 platinum and two golds in the past year, not sure how much I should push it


if u received offers directly from amex and not via links found online i not see concern.

Captain Greg

The churn continues…


Looks like renewed and valid till 6/30


I signed up for this same Biz Gold offer in April last year and upgraded to Biz Plat in Dec for 100k points. Now I have this offer again.

If I sign up and get a Biz Gold card, is there anything preventing me from getting another offer to upgrade to the Biz Plat? Or will Amex require me to cancel the first Biz Plat before getting another upgrade offer?


How much did you have to spend on the card to get the upgrade bonus?


The upgrade offer was 100k for $10k spend. I plan to pay my 2021 taxes to meet the spend (eating Pay1040’s 1.87% fee).

Last edited 2 years ago by Ethan

Question is whether I should sign up for this offer with hopes of getting an upgrade offer to platinum soon after (happened to me in past) or sign up for the 150k platinum offer straight up.
i currently have 1 of each card.

[…] in an application shouldn’t affect anything whether you’re approved or not. (Thanks to Frequent Miler for the […]


Wondering why the hate on this card. For my business, which I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on shipping, this is the BEST card out there.


Given the benefits of this card are almost non-existent, this can be viewed as a straight points purchase opportunity. $295 and the opportunity cost of $10k spend (at 2% that’s $200) buys you 100k points, so 0.5cpp. That’s not bad, but I’d much rather do a signup bonus on a $95 AF card with lower spend requirement for nearly as many points.

Last edited 2 years ago by WR2

When I click on the link, then (not logged in) on the “get business gold”, it says, “sorry, this offer is no longer available”.

Joseph Giorgianni

And of course I applied for and was approved for the card yesterday for 70,000 points. Guess I’ll give them a call.

Joseph Giorgianni

I just called them and I could hear the guy rolling his eyes when I tried to explain it. He was very nice and opened a case. Said I should hear within 24 hours.