Incredible 250K Welcome Offer for the Amex Business Platinum (Still Alive)


Update 3/13/24: Since the public link for this 250K offer died, we’ve heard several reports of people being able to trigger it through various browsing methods. Miles Earn and Burn published a good summary of some different things to try, among them:

  • Using a fresh browser
  • Using a VPN in either Dallas or Denver
  • searching for “American Express Business Platinum” in a search engine. It seems most common to come across a 190K offer, but some folks have been able to trigger 250K by waiting for that 190K landing page to expire and then hitting “refresh”

There’s also a helpful reddit thread that these suggestions come from that contains several reports of successful attempts. Good news is that this puppy is still out there to be found.


Update: Unfortunately, the link that we uncovered earlier today is now dead. We’re going to fish around for another one, but in the meantime, we’re putting the 150K referral offer back in the Best Offers page. You may be able to get a 190K-200K offer by using the methods we describe here.


Holy Points Parade.

There is a new link for the American Express Business Platinum card that offers an incredible 250,000 Membership Rewards after $15K in spend. We’ve heard reports of this popping up for a few weeks, but there were no links to access it online.

Now, we have one.

This 250K offer DOES have once-in-a-lifetime language, so those who have the card or have had it within the last 5-7 years aren’t officially eligible. That said, we’ve seen several reports of folks who shouldn’t be eligible successfully applying without getting the pop-up telling them that they’re not eligible for a welcome offer.

This is the best offer we’ve ever seen for the Business Platinum card…and maybe any credit card, for that matter.

The Offer & Key Card Details

Card Name w Details No Review (no offer)
$695 Annual Fee
Earning rate: 5X flights and prepaid hotels at ✦ 1.5X points per dollar on eligible purchases of $5000 or more (on up to $2 million of those purchases per year) ✦ 1.5x on US construction/hardware stores, US electronic goods, and US shipping ✦ 1X elsewhere ✦ Terms apply.
Base: 1X (1.55%)
Travel: 5X (7.75%)
Other: 1.5X (2.33%)
Card Info: Amex Pay Over Time Card issued by Amex. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Noteworthy perks: Select one qualifying airline and receive up to $200 in statement credits per calendar year for qualifying charges ✦ Up to $400 a year in statement credits for Dell purchases ($200, twice-yearly) ✦ Up to $120 in wireless services credits per year ($10 per month) ✦ $100 Global Entry fee reimbursement.✦ Priority Pass membership (Lounges only) with 2 guests and other airport lounge benefits (Centurion and Delta) ✦ Rental car elite status ✦ Marriott Gold status ✦ Hilton Gold status. ✦ $189 CLEAR fee reimbursement annually ✦ 35% Airline Bonus: Get 35% points back after you Pay With Points for flights with your selected airline (or premium cabin with any airline). Enrollment required for select benefits

Quick Thoughts

This targeted offer is more than double the current best public offer. Even if you didn’t take advantage of any bonus categories, this works out to almost 17x MR on $15K spend…an absolutely stellar deal.

This Business Platinum welcome offer DOES have “once-in-a-Lifetime” language. If you have had the card before (or within the last five to seven-ish years), you are not officially eligible for this offer. However, in those cases Amex will almost never do a hard pull and will let you know via a pop-up that you’re not eligible for the welcome offer before you submit the application.

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I got approved yesterday for this offer, could not resist 250k.

Does the 1.5x kick in when you hit 5k in transactions or is it 1.5x only for each transaction over 5k ? I think it is the latter, please confirm.

Andrew H

I was finally able to get the offer to pop up again today after randomly trying at home, in office, on the go on my phone, etc. This time I was at home (TX) and used google Chrome. Typed in ‘Amex biz platinum’ and clicked on the first non-sponsored link. Initial offer showed 190k. Waited the 20+ minutes and clicked on the ‘refresh page’ dialog box and was floored when I finally saw 250k! Applied instantly (without logging in) and was approved instantly!


SCAM ALERT:- For business platinum card holders, there is 35% airline cashback benefit when redeeming airline travel with points. But Amex travel is increasing the fares. They are frauds. Ex first class tickets from JFK to CLE are available for $285 on or any other website like expedia, google fare, skyscanner, travelocity etc. This same fare on is sold by them for $399.
I guess platinum business card holders will buy such fares blindly to get 35% airline rebate. But they end up paying $399 for same ticket that costs $285 on airline website or any other travel website. This is fraud by AMEX and we should file a class action lawsuit against amex for cheating their platinum card holders…..



I finally got it to show again after about 2 weeks of randomly trying. First time it popped up I made the log in mistake. Randomly refreshed 4 different browsers using different search engines without VPN virtual location (I’m in NY). IMO it’s random.


After what seemed like an eternity of multiple browsers, VPN’s, locations, etc. I finally refreshed and saw the 250k offer! My heart immediately dropped. I didn’t think it was possible. It felt surreal after probably 2 weeks and 200+ browser refreshes.

It happened on a Microsoft Edge browser while I was in the library. If I could had to do this this again, here’s what I would do:

  • Open 4 different browsers on your laptop: Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Opera. Type in “American Express Business Platinum” and select the first non-advertisement in search results.
  • Bounce around 10-20 random WiFi locations around your city (Starbucks, coffee shops, colleges, bus stops, tether your Android/iPhone, ask someone else to tether theres)
  • Wait 20 minutes, refresh, and then bounce to a different location. Rinse/repeat.

My best guess is that the offer is based on location/random timing. The more browsers/locations you try, the better your chances are.

Anyways, this is my first platinum and I can’t wait to use it! Good luck, it will work if you are ridiculously persistent and unorthodox with your experimentation.


I had four Chrome incognito windows, two Opera private windows and two Safari private windows opened between my laptop and phone. Over the course of 3 full days I refreshed them whenever the pages expired. The best I ever saw was 190K. Then on the fourth morning I opened up my laptop and one of those refreshed and showed a 250K. I immediately pulled the trigger and was approved. 7 days earlier I got the Business Gold with 150K. Not a bad week.


Ugggg, stop giving me hope. Been refreshing for 5 days. Almost on the verge of going for the 190k. Any VPN? Which browser ended up working?


So out of the 8 windows total, 7 of them were using a specific link I found online. They almost always showed the 190K offer. The one that actually worked in the long run was a Chrome incognito window in which I searched “amex platinum business”. It showed 120K, 150K, 170K and then settled on 190K for 2 days. Then it suddenly refreshed to 250K. No VPN used.

Al C

I’ve had a Chrome incognito open for a few days and just refresh the page after the pop up shows up saying the page needs to be refreshed. Just did it today and the 250K offer came up. Applied and approved. I’d say don’t manually refresh and wait for the popup.


Just curious, did you hit the chrome refresh or the AMEX site refresh? Been trying this on 4 different browsers, 2 different computers, 1 phone, 4 incognito pages for a total of like 15 or so refreshes whenever I notice the pages, hahahaha. Would love to see that 250k and then hopefully get approved!

Al C

Amex site refresh


I’m only getting the 190k offer also. I’ve tried for 7 days using Opera, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Safari. Refreshed over 100 times by now. Any steps to reproduce the 250k bonus?


Lucky people who are getting this. I’ve followed all these steps and have been refreshing the page for several days. Dallas VPN, Denver VPN, no VPN…. it’s always 190k.


Just got the 250k offer to pop up, and was instantly approved! I used Chrome incognito and searched American Express Business Platinum in Bing. I got the 190k offer initially and then let it auto refresh about 10ish times before it popped up.

I did actually get it to pop up yesterday, using Edge browser with a Denver VPN (same method), but I mistakenly logged in before submitting the application, which made the offer disappear.

Mike j

What do you mean auto refresh? Letting it time out for 20+ min and then refreshing or just refreshing it right away?


I let it time out for 20 minutes, and then clicked the refresh button on the page once it expired.


Any tip on bypassing popup? I even applied using my business EIN which has no history with amex and still popup. They still ask for my ssn too

[…] of 6 days ago, Reddit users and Frequent Miler were reporting that you could get a bonus of 250,000 Membership Rewards points after spending […]

Daniel A

DP: using a phone I tried VPN from Dallas and Denver and no luck. Oddly, with incognito I only received the standard 120k offer, but in my normal browser I got a 170k offer. Using a desktop without VPN I was able to get the 170k offer in incognito. Nothing better. Going to wait for at least 200k!

Last edited 29 days ago by Daniel A

Many thanks! My application was pending but today I got an email that I was approved! Super easy 250k points (and I didn’t even have to buy a car! :D)

ace plum

The link opened for me yesterday as on OP, I didn’t apply cuz about a month ago I got a pop up so I felt like I should still wait a bit more while puting some spending on my current Amex cards, today I decided to apply, came back to this post and I see it dead plus that it might have been a glitch, aww.. has anyone who were gettinng the pop up before this offer got it approved thanks to this offer?

A while ago happens similar to me on a Delta Gold biz Amex card, it seems to me that the pop up its not just about the card but its about who referred you or if Amex is looking to adquire more clients or not…

Pls lemme know, thanks


I had a pop up when trying a month or two ago on the 190K offer, and got approved this time with 250K. Counting my blessings for sure.