(EXPIRED) (Targeted) Earn 4.5k-13.5k Bonus American Airlines Loyalty Points Via Credit Card Spend

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This past week American Airlines sent out targeted offers to some cardholders. I received an offer giving bonus Loyalty Points when spending enough on one of their credit cards in October and/or November, while others have received offers giving bonus AAdvantage miles instead of – or in addition to – bonus Loyalty Points.

American Airlines loyalty point bonus spending offer

The Deal

Key Terms

  • This exclusive offer is only for members who receive an email directly from American Airlines
  • You must register for this promotion between September 13, 2023 and September 30, 2023
  • Once registered, the promotion will start on October 1, 2023 and end on November 30, 2023
  • You will earn 4,500 Loyalty Points each month you spend $5,000, on purchases with your Citi / AAdvantage credit card between October 1, 2023 and November 30, 2023
  • You will earn an additional 4,500 Loyalty Points if you spend $5,000, on purchases with your card every month of this promotion between October 1, 2023 through November 30, 2023
  • Purchases must post to your credit card account by the end of each month to count towards that month’s spend requirement. Many merchants will wait for a purchase to ship before they post the purchase to your account
  • Allow 8-10 weeks after the end of this promotion for the reward(s) to post to your AAdvantage® account
  • Eligible purchases are defined as purchases that earn base miles, including those made by authorized users on your account, less credits, returns and adjustments, made with your Citi / AAdvantage credit card
  • Eligible purchases exclude balance transfers, cash advances, checks that access your credit card account, items and services returned for credit, and unauthorized charges.
  • Eligible purchases also exclude interest and account fees, traveler’s checks, purchases of foreign currency, money orders, wire transfers (and similar cash-like transactions), lottery tickets, and gaming chips (and similar betting transactions).
  • To qualify for this offer, your credit card account must be open and in good standing from registration date to November 30, 2023. If your credit card account is closed for any reason, you may no longer be eligible for this offer.

Quick Thoughts

Registration is required for these offers, but be aware that it’s not a one-click registration if you received an email about this specific offer or a different kind. There’s a link in the email to register, but that takes you to the American Airlines website where you need to log in, go to the Promotions tab, find the offer and then click on the registration link there.

My offer is giving anything from 4,500-13,500 bonus Loyalty Points. To earn 4,500 bonus Loyalty Points I have to spend $5,000 in October or November on my Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select card. If I spend $5,000 on that card in both months, I’ll earn 4,500 bonus Loyalty Points for each of those months, as well as an additional 4,500 Loyalty Points for a total of 13,500. That’s in addition to the 5,000-10,000 Loyalty Points I’ll earn on the base spend (depending on if I spend $5,000 in only one month or both months respectively).

It’s a little bit of a shame that my offer doesn’t give bonus AAdvantage miles too, but perhaps American has worked out that I’m trying to earn at least Platinum Pro status this year and so knows I’m interested in Loyalty Points. I can’t remember where I saw it, but I saw somewhere someone mention that they’d gotten a targeted offer giving bonus AAdvantage miles rather than Loyalty Points, so there are various targeted offers out there. Even if you didn’t get an email from American Airlines, it’s worth checking your AA Promotions tab in case you have one of these offers there or even some kind of other offer.

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I got bupkis (but I have an Aviator Silver, not a Citi card)


I got 1500 bonus miles for $1500 spend in each of October & November, plus an additional 1500 for meeting spend both months. No loyalty points. I’m pleased because it gives me an effective 2.5 miles per dollar on a modest spend goal. Plus I can stack with giftcards.com via the AA portal, giving me an effective 5.5 miles per dollar, 4 of which are also loyalty points.

Pappa O

I got 5 AA miles per dollar for online spend up to a max of 2500 miles from registration to November 30.


Mine is the best lol Spend $100 on your Citi® / AAdvantage® credit card between October 1 – 31 and earn 100 Loyalty Points lol


Yeah you & me both, absolutely laughable


no dice for me on this or the instant status pass

Enjoy Fine Food

I’m in for lower spend, lower reward: Spend $1,750 on your Citi® / AAdvantage® credit card between October 1 – 31 and earn 1,500 Loyalty Points, then November ditto, then 1,500 for making both.