(Targeted) Marriott: Stay Once & Get Free Night Award, Stay Twice & Get 2 Free Night Awards


Be sure to keep an eye out for emails from Marriott because they’re currently targeting some members with an offer to earn one or two free night awards when staying once or twice in the next couple of months.

Marriott Bonvoy Targeted Promotion Free Nights

The Deal

  • Marriott is targeting some members with the following offer:
    • Stay once and earn one free night award
    • Stay twice and earn two free night awards
  • Direct link to Promotion Central to see if you’re targeted for this offer or any others.

Key Terms

  • Registration must occur within three weeks of receiving this email.
  • A “stay” is defined as one or more consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/checkout activity on any points-eligible rate (“Qualifying Rate”).
  • Remember to book directly on marriott.com to earn.
  • Free Night Awards can be redeemed for one night in a standard room type with a redemption level at or under 35,000 points.

Quick Thoughts

If you’re targeted for this promotion and know that you’ll be able to put the free night awards to good use at properties charging up to 35,000 points, this could be worth a mattress run, especially if you have a property near you where you can book two separate one night stays on the cheap.

There’s a targeted Marriott Amex Offer giving $40 back when spending $200. If you can find a property that charges $100 per night with tax, you could book two stays and have the net cost be $80 per night. Not only would you be getting two 35k free night awards but you’d earn points on those stays and cashback/rewards by booking those stays via a shopping portal. If you can somehow find a Marriott property costing even less than $80 per night with tax, the Amex Offer won’t work but at least your cost would be even lower than when stacking with the Amex Offer.

When Marriott sends out targeted offers such as this one, there are usually other types of targeted offers that get sent out. If you get a different kind of offer, let us know in the comments below.

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I appear to be eligible but don’t see a spot to actually register. My account has the following under “promotions” “Exclusively for You: Earn up to two Free Night Awards” and a tracker. am i good to go?


Nope did not get. Nor did my spouse. 🙁


Wow, congrats to those who got it. P1 – P4 Marriott stay activity ranges from “occasional” to “never”, and Marriott CC counts ranging from 4 to none. Nobody from our group received it. Best guess is it’s either targeted at heavy Marriott travelers (who maybe dropped off during/after Covid), based on a complex algorithm, or totally random. Definitely not any of us 🙂


I got the offer. I’m two nights away from Titanium so this will be perfect.


Even better I have a road trip at the end of September so I won’t need to mattress run. I’ll get the two stays normally as I drive.