How does Greg use his Business Platinum Dell credits? | Ask Us Anything | EP 35


In this week’s “Ask Us Anything, Live”, readers had questions all over the map. One reader wondered how Greg uses his Amex Business Platinum Dell credits, and another reader asks if Chase Sapphire Reserve got secretly better? Watch the full episode below or click to timestamps to navigate directly to each question in Youtube.

3:04 – Hi guys – 2 quick questions: 1. Does Marriott offer Elite Night Credits for 7 night Hotel and Air packages? I haven’t been credited yet after my stay. 2. Was approved for Platinum Schwab (no popup warning), had Platinum before but never Schwab. I’m unsure if I should cancel card or keep it for the 10X incentive, What to do, keep or cancel?
6:31 -Is Albertsons memo of $100 limit real or not?
7:30 – ​Any updates on the Citi TY partner transfer problems? Thank you team!
8:07 – Hey guys, with all the changes to the Amex Platinum card, and the apparent disappearance (revamp?) of the Citi Prestige, do you think Chase will make any significant updates to the CSR?
11:50 – Hey guys! How many times a year should someone have to travel for the new platinum annual to make sense?? Is 3-4 time’s enough?
15:06 – My kid just turned 13, so it’s getting pretty tight to share a hotel room with him. A question for Greg. When your son was in his teens, how did you decide when to get a separate room for him? Cost?
19:09 – ​Is the Schwab Platinum still the best version overall despite the recent devaluation??
22:33 – ​How do you keep track of Amex Offers? Spreadsheet? Now, with Chase offers, Capital One offers, it gets pretty tough to remember what card should you use
27:00 – ​Trying to help a friend book a flight to BCN. AA flights showing up on Alaska search engine, but not on AA, BA or Iberia. He’d like to use AA miles. Think calling an agent will help? Other ideas?
29:30 – ​Did the Chase Sapphire Reserve get better without needing to do anything??
31:35 – ​I’ve been fully able to trick out my home office with the Amex Biz Plat credits. I see dell is no longer selling TVs, any recommendations on how to use these credits?
36:00 – ​What is your thought process when deciding when to use cash or points for stays? Let’s say the value you are getting is slightly above RRV, would you go for it? Or wait for aspirational redemption?
38:06– ​If I use $200 cash and the rest points for an FHR reservation, do you think the new platinum FHR credit will work? Thanks!
40:40 – ​What non-existent cobranded hotel or airline card would you like to see come to fruition?
42:21 – ​Have you guys been to the El Salvador? any specific highlights? Booked the first class tickets via Delta
43:26 – ​any idea when the Chase aeroplan is coming out?
44:02 – Does Amex FHR pass through hotel/casino elite status?
45:48 – ​What’s the best way to book Emirates first class next year without paying the high taxes by booking with Emirates directly? Any decent transfer partners to use ?
47:55 – ​Given your discussion on Ritz v CSR benefits, what is the best Chase combo? Ritz + CIP + CFU, etc…all the same benefits except for the 1.5 cpp cashout options
50:36 – ​With increased AF $550 on CSR, and all the COVID credits used for the year even expired Lyft, thinking downgrading to Freedom Flex and upgrading the Boundless to Ritz? Thoughts?
52:00 – ​Saw your alert on Tahiti biz class space. Was looking on your site for what to budget and where you recommend staying while there using hotel points? Seemed like the Intercontinental is a fave, right?
54:11 – ​just booked 2 nights through FHR on two different Platinums, will these be combined by the hotel into a single stay?
54:50 – ​Do you know how late you can apply for Chase Hyatt and get the 5 nights for the year? I drop under 5/24 on 12/18 but would like 5 nights for 2021.
56:00 – ​If downgrading the CSR after annual fee posted, can you still use the $300 travel credit before downgrading
56:39 – ​@Frequent Miler what’s your minimum distance to start searching flight options?
58:11 – ​How do I get the old platinum card 10x on grocery
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​”What non-existent cobranded hotel or airline card would you like to see come to fruition?”

Hyatt Biz or a next tier Hyatt personal card with elite nights that stack with the 5 from the current Chase card