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Is there early termination fee is I close the account right after the bonus is posted? Thanks!

Jim Livesay

if you happen to live in one of the states that doesn’t have a branch, you can get around this requirement by opening a US Bank brokerage account first and then opening the checking account afterwards.

Has anyone else tried opening a US Bank brokerage online recently? I’m trying to do so, but their website will only let me proceed with the application if I first log in as a current customer. Which I’m not–that’s why I’m trying to open the brokerage. 🙂

Jim Livesay

Update: it looks like US Bank has closed the “open a brokerage account in order to open a checking account” loophole. The website now requires you to log in as a current customer in order to apply for the brokerage account. I called US Bank and was told that you have to have a checking or money market account in order to apply for the brokerage account. I have applied for both checking and money market accounts, but those applications were denied since there is no branch in my state.

Jim Livesay



Having a credit card may still be enough. No branches in my area or all of New England other than some mortgage officers. I have 2 US Bank credit cards, one converted from the old Northwest Visa, and the other converted from the old Radisson. After logging in I have an option to create a checking or other account and have been offered $400 before. Edit: I have a $500 offer in the app right now plus $300 more if I open savings.

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[…] I don’t remember seeing that on a Bank Smartly promo before and it’s hard to know if, or how well, it will be enforced. US Bank has plenty of promos, so the best choice may be to wait until the next one comes around. Your mileage may vary. (h/t: reader Chris) […]


According to DOC, it seems this code is targeted, single use and only available to one person.

I signed up before seeing the disclaimer…so will see if it’s attached, but probably worth a significant YMMV warning on this one.


I don’t recall seeing it before as well when it was posted in both places…might not have looked close enough…but calling out a deals website definitely is a recent edit…don’t think I’ve seen anyone do that before!

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One can easily earn $500 on a $10k deposit in interest in a Fidelity money market account without going through the hoops.


Not so easy, to be fair


I was comparing to the Capital One 360 bonus. You could transfer even through Venmo. Just 2 deposits of $250 and done. This one seems to be more steps and needs more money. You mentioned it can be many smaller deposits. But I still don’t understand how you can deposit. It said only government or employer or social security checks only?

v segura

cool beans not unlawful just a legal loop hole they will eventually close