(EXPIRED) Walmart.com Chase Offer: 10% back on up to $120 in purchases

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There’s a new Walmart.com Chase Offer out that can save you up to 10% on up to $120 in combined purchases at Walmart.com through mid-March.

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The Deal

  • Targeted Walmart.com Chase Offer: Get 10% back on online or app purchases, up to $12 maximum cash back.

Key Terms

  • Expires September 30th, 2023.
  • Valid for online purchases only
  • Excludes purchases from third party services
  • Excludes in-store purchases, pharmacy and gas

Walmart Chase Offer 10% back $140 spend

Quick Thoughts

This appears to be a highly-targeted offer. My wife and I each had it, but it only showed up on our Ink Cash cards. It’s worth checking all your cards though as, unlike Amex, Chase allows you add its offers to multiple cards.

This is an easy one to take advantage of even though it’s only valid online. The only excluded products are gas and pharmacy and you can reach the $12 max cash back in multiple transactions with no minimum purchase required.

Even if you don’t use Walmart.com, it also sells a wide range of third party gift cards (as well as Visa and Mastercard gift cards) so buying those is a simple way to lock in the 10% discount.

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?Chase allows you add its offers to multiple cards”. How do you do this?? Thank-you

Jan W

Deal says available thru Walmart.com and the Walmart app. Is there a way to pay in-store using the app? Anyone tried this to see if it qualifies?


Did anyone try walmart pay in store triggers the cashback?

Irene S.

So one can buy third party gift cards to qualify this offer, how about buying Walmart gift card? Anyone ever tried?


Check your Capital One Shopping Portal. I have a 10% back offer that is stackable with this Chase offer.


I got 10% on two cards and 5% on two others. Helpful because we have Walmart Plus right now.


I got many of these but most are 5% and end August 25th


P1 got 10% up to $12 but only on 1 card

P2 got 10% up to $11 on 2 cards. Also a third card with 5% back up to $6


I got it on several cards, but only 5%. 🙁


Got two 10% and two 5%. Used one today since we have Free Walmart plus account.

Tom Rossi

Had the offer on several cards and bought 4 Apple air tags for $88 that will now be $79 in the end. Pretty good deal, and they were delivered same day.


Thanks I never Look but looked for this offer as in No.But if I spend $6K in 3 months I have been approved for $900 cash back.
Good rewards card so far a $50 Ip13 and a free apple watch if they break I’m covered too.

INKer 4ever


I received the promos! Thanks for sharing. Is it any visa giftcards that can be purchased online that trigger the 10%? I was looking at the vanilla visa. Any better suggestions? I was going to use to pay my car insurance.

Dugroz Reports

0 for 7 on my end. 🙁


Hi. First-time poster, medium-time lurker. What do you mean by Chase letting you add an offer to multiple cards? My Chase offers are only linked to the account displaying the offer, and there’s no way to add/transfer an offer to my other Chase cards.

Also, I thought Amex lets you add the offer to your own account and also to the authorized user’s account if the AU received the same offer. Not exactly sharing, but all the accounts are under the primary account holder.

Brian C.

If you add the offer to one of your Chase cards, it won’t then disappear from your other cards – assuming you have the same offer on some other Chase cards (unlike Amex Offers).


Aaahh, thank you. I didn’t realize that happened with Amex offers because I only have one Amex now, though that Amex has 3 authorized users who get their own offers. But, if all 4 cards have the same offer despite being under my responsibility, it can be used 4x within the household.

Brian C