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When my new Platinum card with the 100K + 10x welcome bonus (I applied before the 125K offer was reported) arrived yesterday, one of the first things I did was check the Amex Offers. I was specifically looking for the HBO Max offer to add in the hopes that I could stack it with the $20 monthly streaming credits. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that offer. However, I did discover a couple of useful tidbits that might help you find an offer you’re looking for.

Amex offers shows a max of 100 available offers

This part isn’t news: we’ve long known that you won’t see more than 100 “Available” Amex offers under a single card. When new offers come out, Amex sometimes sprinkles them in and pushes out other offers that were in your list. Alternatively, if you add offers from the Available list, you will eventually see more offers. Again, this is something we’ve long known.

Offers repopulate as soon as you log in again

Despite knowing about the maximum, laziness has led me to leaving 100 available offers on accounts for a long time. I guess I’ve figured that I’ve almost always seen the really interesting offers show up when something new and good comes around, so I didn’t feel a sense of urgency to constantly add offers just to see what comes up to replace offers that have been added.

However, this time was a bit different. Since I just opened the Platinum card and wanted to take advantage of the monthly streaming credits, I wanted to add any relevant streaming offers to the new Platinum card. I had previously seen an offer for HBO Max (good for $7 back on $14.99 up to 3 times) on our other Amex cards. I hadn’t yet gotten around to adding it (though knew I needed to do so soon). I hoped to find it on the Platinum card in the hopes of triggering both the $7 Amex Offer and the $20 streaming credits for this month (I also pay $14.99 for a family Spotify plan, so my master plan had been to pay $30 out of pocket in the hopes that I’d get the $20 streaming credit and $7 Amex Offer for a total of $27 back on $30 for a couple of months.

Unfortunately, that offer didn’t show up in the list of 100 available Amex Offers. I decided to scroll through and add a bunch of offers I didn’t care about / didn’t plan to use in order to clear from the “Available” tab in the hopes that in a day or two the HBO offer would show up on the Platinum card. After adding a dozen offers, I logged out (with 88 offers showing “available” when I logged out). I then instantly logged back in and voila! I once again had 100 available offers.

I added another 14 offers that I didn’t intend to use. I logged out with 86 available and 26 added. When I immediately logged back in, I once again had 100 available.

I noticed that in a few cases, offers that I had already added (either to the Platinum card or other Amex cards) remained in the “Available” list. I was not able to add any of those offers that had been added to other cards previously – I just got an error letting me know I’d already added it.

I repeated this process a few times. Eventually, I had 42 offers added and 84 available.

Then, when I logged back in, I only found 89 available offers.

At that point, I realized there must not have been any more “hidden” available offers – the final five were now viewable in the “available” list.

While I had known that it was possible to have more than 100 offers between those added and those “available”, I hadn’t previously realized that the “available” tab would reload immediately upon logging out and logging back in. That’s actually pretty convenient if you’ve opened a new card and want to get past certain offers to get to the ones you really want.

It appears that new offers added to the “available” tab add at the end of the list initially

I went through the process of adding offers and logging out and in a couple of times before paying attention, so I can’t be 100% sure, but based on my last login or two I believe that all of the “new” offers that got added to the “Available” tab showed up at the very bottom of the available list. Had I realized / confirmed this at the beginning, I could have saved a bunch of time looking through the entire list trying to figure out what was new.

The “Dropps” offer at the top here had been the very last offer in the list initially — it appeared that new offers had just populated after that offer on subsequent logins (I don’t know whether they have since reshuffled).

Note that this is not generally true about Amex Offers: newly released offers do not always show up at the top or bottom of the Available list. For example, if a new offer is released tomorrow that’s good for $20 back on $100 at Macy’s, it may show up anywhere in the list based on my experience. However, after adding some of the 100 “available” offers and logging out and then back in, it seems that the “replacement” offers at least initially show up at the bottom. I don’t know that they all stay there long-term, but if my observation here is correct it could save you a bunch of time in hunting out which offers are new when you’re in the same situation.

Note that the “Added” tab also displays a max of 100 offers

Stephen Pepper noted a while back that he’d noticed that the same “100 offer” limit on the “Available” tab applies to the “Added” tab. That is to say that once you have added 100 offers to a single card, newly added offers will replace offers you had previously added in the display. I believe that those previously-added offers are really still attached to the card, they just get hidden from view because the system won’t show more than 100 at a time.

Bottom line

I know that many readers likely opened a new Amex card this week. Given that you’ve got a new spending requirement to meet, you may be looking for specific Amex Offers to help make your purchases even more rewarding. If you are like me and have allowed your cards to accumulate 100 available offers, you may not see all of the offers that are truly “available”. However, you can log out and back in almost immediately to populate more available offers. Note that a related (and probably smarter) strategy would be to add the offers you don’t care about to a card that you hardly ever use (hat tip to Stephen for that tip). Since Amex won’t let you add the same offer to a second card, those “added” offers should disappear from the new card in the same way described in this post (but with this strategy you add the “useless” offers to a dummy card so that you don’t need to scroll through unwanted offers to figure out which good offers you added to that new card that you’d like to use.

Whatever strategy you use, it is worth noting that adding some of those offers when you’ve reached 100 and logging out and back in immediately can help you weed through until you know you’ve seem everything available on your card.

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