(EXPIRED) Wow. Lufthansa Miles & More is giving 30x miles on Booking.com reservations

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Lufthansa has recently launched one of the better hotel promotions that I’ve seen in some time. The airline is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Miles & More frequent flyer program and is giving 30 miles per euro on all hotel reservations made anywhere in the world via Booking.com during the month of December. Although the booking must be made in December, the stay can occur anytime and there’s no prepayment requirement (unless specified by the property).

The dollar is currently worth ~.93 euro, so for US customers this deal translates to ~28 miles per dollar. We value Lufthansa miles at approximately 1.3 cents each, so this ends up being around a 35% rebate on cancellable hotel reservations that can occur anytime within the Booking.com reservation window. That’s incredible.

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The Deal

  • Lufthansa Miles & More is offering 30 miles per euro (or euro equivalent in other currencies) on all Booking.com reservations made during the month of December.
    • The stay can be for any time that’s reservable on the site
    • No prepayment necessary
    • You can earn a maximum of 150000 Miles & More award miles with this promo
  • Lufthansa miles have a hard expiration date of 36 months unless you are a Lufthansa elite

In order to receive miles, you must:

1.Book your accommodation via the promotional website.
2.Enter your Miles & More number on the payment page when booking.
3.Your miles will be credited to you no later than 64 days after your stay

Direct Link to Offer

Direct Link to sign up for Miles & More

Terms and Conditions

  • EUR 1 is equivalent to 30 award miles for bookings made during the promotional period from 1. to 31.12.2023. Other currencies are converted according to the euro exchange rates applicable on that day. Stays may be outside the booking period.
  • The award miles earned will be credited to your mileage account automatically no later than 64 days after your stay.
  • Award miles will only be credited if you book via this link, accept all cookies and enter your Miles & More service card number on the payment page at the time of booking. Award miles cannot be credited retroactively.
  • Award miles can only be earned for overnight stays.
  • You can earn a maximum of 150000 Miles & More award miles with this promotion
  • Specially negotiated rates or rates which are not available to the public (company rates) are excluded from the promotion.

Best Uses for Lufthansa Miles & More

  • Book Lufthansa First Class up to a year in advance. Lufthansa has an excellent first class product (it's one of Greg's favorites). Partners only have access to first class awards within 15 days of departure, at most. Miles & More members can book it as soon as the schedule opens.
  • Business class to Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific from 71K on a Star Alliance partner award.  Lufthansa groups Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific islands into its Australia, New Zealand region. You can book a one-way Star Alliance business class award from the U.S. to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, etc for as little as 71,000 miles. Economy class starts at 40,000 miles. Taxes and fees one-way should be between $50-$75.
  • Business class to Southeast Asia from 71k on a Star Alliance partner award. Lufthansa also offers good value on its award to Southeast Asia, which includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. One-way business class awards start at 71,000 miles and economy awards start at 40,000. One-way taxes and fees should be between $25-50.
  • First/Business class within North America for 20K. There can be good value in using Miles & More to book Star Alliance business awards within North America on either United or Air Canada, with first/business class starting at 20,000 miles on a one-way award. This includes some of both airlines' more exotic (and expensive) flights to the far north. Taxes and fees one-way should be around $50, with Air Canada being slightly more expensive than United.
  • 25% award discount for children under the age of 11

Quick Thoughts

This is a great deal. Lufthansa Miles aren’t very familiar to many folks in the US, but they’re a Star Alliance partner with some decent uses for their miles for both domestic and international flights…especially when you’re earning 28 miles per dollar! Just note that, for non-elite members, miles expire in 36 months. Make sure to prioritize using them if you earn them.

I did a quick spin on the promotional website and it appears to be the exact same pricing as on the regular Booking.com site, including discounts that individual hotels are running. Uniquely for these sorts of things, the site actually tells you on results page how many miles you’ll earn for each hotel stay, right below the price:

a screenshot of a hotel

Miles seem to be awarded on the base cost only, not including things like taxes, service charges or resort fees, so it actually ends up being less than ~28x once all of those are added in.

Still, it’s a terrific deal. So good, that I’ll be curious to see if Miles & More actually keeps it going throughout the entire month of December. They put a cap of 150,000 total miles that you can earn through the promotion, but that’s a lot given that anyone can take advantage of it and you can make reservations worldwide to the end of the booking window. Just in case, I’ll be booking sooner than later and taking screenshots of all of the reservations that I make, to have in the event that anything doesn’t post correctly.

Bear in mind that reservations through Booking.com won’t earn hotel points and you won’t have access to elite benefits either, so some folks might prefer to use this only in places where they’re staying at independent properties.

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Hello ! I have booked an hotel in December 2023 for a stay in 2024 with this promotion (30 miles for 1 euro spent). Now, If I have to change/modify the booking date for the same hotel, will I lose these miles promotion and return to default (1miles for 1 euro spent).


Anyone get miles posted for this yet? On my end, it’s been around 30 days since reservation was completed and no points yet.


Yeah, I saw that but interestingly in the Booking.com reservation it says “64 or more” days. Perhaps that’s just a mistake but I hope it doesn’t take several more months. I’ll update once I receive them.


Update: points received yesterday for two separate reservations, one about 51 days ago and the others about 32 days ago.

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Deal is dead? It’s not showing reward summary anymore.


But T&C says the deal is good through 12/31… LH’s M&M website is still advertising 30 miles per euro spent,… so what is going on?


Are you able to utilize the offer right now? If I use the promo link, I am not getting prompt for the service card number so I worry I won’t get miles for a booking.


We’ll be in Spain this summer, in areas where I can’t find (reasonable) points options for our family of four. This is a great option for us! I know the main use for Aeroplan miles is to fly esp in J or F – but we’ll be using the PYB function + the current transfer bonus to cover these hotel costs. I was already looking at that, but the 30x portal payout certainly sweetens the pot.


Is it a max of 150,000 per account or per booking? Very unclear.

Christiane Torres

The 150,000 is per booking – at least for German customers, which I expect would also count for international customers. This was confirmed by one of the “German frequent milers” directly with Lufthansa.


Thanks for this info! I had 3 rooms booked for an upcoming trip. I cancelled and rebooked under this promo for a total of 104K Lufthansa points. Woo hoo!


I am trying to book rooms for a wedding and running into quantity limits booking under this promo. I am not sure if this is property specific or something related to the promotion but I thought I’d provide the data point.

Thomas Hurd

Update: To be more specific I was having trouble booking pay later reservations with free cancellation in bundles of 6 rooms at a time. It was forcing me to prepay, however I was able to book 3 rooms at a time for pay later under this promotion.

Raghu N

Another question. If I split up a 10K stay into 2 reservations , each a different M&M number, will each member get 150K miles

Raghu N

Why is this not being advertised from roof tops. This looks like a reffific deal.
Even conservative valuation of 1.3 cents gives 40% off rate. The rate is exactly same as what a. Hyatt or independent hotel charges. Also since this is cash rate could be used for SUB . you coulkd potentially snag a 90K SUB offer wioth the 5K Spend and also get 150K Miles and More. You can fly Lufthansa first class between Germany and West Coast for 115K miles with minimal fuel surcharges . This ticket costs $12K. So definitely you are coming out ahead


Are you able to stack this offer with a portal like Rakuten?


It should. Booking is 4X on Rakuten right now.


Hi, thank you Tim! Do you think we can stack with “Citi Premier: Earn 10x On Travel Bookings Until June 30th“ (dr. of credit)?


The Citi Premier 10X through 6/30/2024 is NOT a general travel category bonus. It is solely for purchases through Citi Travel.

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Anyone else see a different price quoted vs what it shows on the confirmation page of the booking?


For the one hotel I’ve been stalking on various platforms, I did, in fact, notice that all the booking.com based sites (I checked booking.com, this M&M site, and AAHotels) are showing a different (higher) price on the checkout page than on the search results and the “select your room” page.


Did some more digging and seems like the miles are awarded on the room rate only, not any taxes or fees. However on the search results page it quotes you the points amount you would get on the entire total. So it’s a bit misleading.


Noticing it at Domes Zeen Chania!


Yes this is what I am saying. It changes once you actually confirm the booking (goes down significantly to not include taxes when it shows that it does in every screen before)

Last edited 5 months ago by Josh

Good luck getting a response from M&M unless you’re a SEN or HON member.


What I’m seeing is something different: I see a price of (for instance) $365 for a particular room, with an (i) symbol you can hover over to see the breakdown. Then, when I select the room and go to the “pay” screen, the price is $420, with a completely different breakdown.