10% back at Office Max / Office Depot with new Chase Offer


There’s a new Chase Offer out that’s good for 10% back at Office Max or Office Depot up to either $8 or $11 depending on your offer. Chase Offers are targeted, but it’s worth logging in and checking for this one if your travels will take you past an Office Max or Office Depot store in the coming weeks.

The Deal

  • There’s a new Chase Offer that’s good for 10% back at Office Max / Office Depot up to either $8 back or $11 back (your offer may vary)

Key Terms

  • Expires 6/30/23

Quick Thoughts

While some Chase Offers are valid on one purchase only, this one says it is valid on your purchases until you read the stated limit in cash back. Given that Office Max and Office Depot sell a wide range of gift cards, you could use this to save on up to $80 or $110 of spend depending on your offer. Hopefully you’ll find it on a card that also earns a great category bonus at office supply stores.

Keep in mind that if you have this offer on multiple cards, you can sync it all of them and then split payment on one transaction.

H/T: GC Galore

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5% up to $5.50 on four non-Ink cards. Think I will pass.


Used this on a few cards yesterday in store, I could not split tender on one gift card purchase had to do two separate transactions with two smaller denominations instead. Cashier said it was a security measure from IT in their system. I was getting third party gift codes so not a big deal no activation fees to worry about.

Three cards across P1 and P2 with the 10% offer.

Jeremy Bachmann

I got 10% up to $11. Did Ink, Rakuten, and Chase Offer to buy gift card online. Transaction was immediately rejected with an email response telling me they can’t tell me why for security reasons.

Jeremy Bachmann

Update: Office Depot didn’t like characters in the “Name” field. My bad.


You sure this works online? .com redirects to another website, prolly blackhawk. There’s a notice on OD’s page that states that as well as noting this transaction won’t qualify for od rewards.


Yup – I’m 5% too. Never seen this low before. And it wasn’t even on my Inks this time around. Just on 2 cards out of 10.

A guy named Mike

I am stuck with 5% up to $5.50. Here is hoping for another $15 off $300+ before 4/30 to make it worth using.


also 5% up to 5.50, booo


Yeah, that’s what I got too…


Mine also.

Carrie Kalenda

Same, 5%