(EXPIRED) Office Depot/OfficeMax: Buy $300+ Mastercard Gift Cards, Save $15

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Office Depot and OfficeMax stores have returned with its profitable gift card deal on Mastercard gift cards through 4/7/24 – 4/13/24.

Mastercard gift card

The Deal

  • Buy $300+ Mastercard gift cards at Office Depot/OfficeMax & get $15 off instantly.

Key Terms

  • Valid April 7-13, 2024.
  • Limit 10 per household/business (different stores may try to impose various limits that don’t correspond to the ad).

Quick Thoughts

As always with these deals, the best option is to buy in three card increments as Office Depot/Max gives a $15 discount for every $300 you spend. So, buying three cards means you’re spending $600, which takes off $30. Buying nine cards means you should get $90 off, but YMMV as to whether a store will let you do that.

For every three cards you buy you’ll pay $23.85 in fees (3x$7.95), giving you a net $6.15 in profit in addition to any additional rewards. Buying nine cards at a time triples both the profit and rewards (but will likely involve an ID check to make sure that the payment that you’re using is yours).

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thank you, i dropped what i was doing and immediately went when i read this

Sea Pea

Your Doctor of Credit was wrong about that expiration date….

Sale was over Saturday day night…

Lying Doctors!!!


Your email said “master card” but the headline link was later corrected to this website Visa. You never sent out a corrected email!
Everybody makes mistakes, but why not correct your mistake and send out a new email with the correct headline?
You cost me $31.80!
This should be a trusted source!


can we buy Visa 5% back gift card and still get the $15 discount?? anyone tried it??




Just a heads up – some OD stores are running into an activation issue with their cards and thus removing their entire stock until resolved. This was true at a store in Beaverton, OR recently, and at a store in Portland, OR this week. The fact that it happened at two different stores is a bit concerning.

Sea Pea

And for that reason….I’m out.


Yeah, it gives me some pause as well. I’ve bought enough over the years, and ran into issues infrequently enough, to know activation issues haven’t been a consistent problem (at least in my case). But the two times I did run into that issue it was a MAJOR pain to get it resolved, with both OD and the card manufacturer pointing fingers at each other. Took at least 2 full weeks to get my refund, with a ton of phone calls and emails in between. (But I have a high tolerance for dealing with that kind of stuff. I can imagine others being really stressed out by something like that.)

The good thing is that OD is at least trying to be proactive here, removing the problematic inventory.


Latest update – Just went to the OD that was having issues a few weeks ago, and now the problem is even worse. They literally are blocking sales of ANY gift cards (not just V/MC), including all third party cards, because they were running into so many activations issues. I just spent 5-10 min. chatting with a really friendly employee who was giving me the low down. He said his store was told they were the only one affected, but I know that isn’t true (see my prior post above). It sounds like there are definitely some stressed customers as he was telling me about a lady that keeps coming back in every other day trying to get it all resolved.

Obviously hopefully this is an isolated situation (even if already affecting multiple stores in the general area). Knowing me it won’t keep me from checking out other ODs, but there is definitely a heightened “at your own risk” mentality that I’d be bringing into it, at least right now.

Greek Blogger G

Does WM let you buy money orders with these anymore nowadays? I haven’t tried in years, what are the new WM restrictions. Thanx, George.

Greek Blogger G

I would like to thank everyone who helped me

Greek Blogger G


Jerry Udell

Is there a YouTube or blog that tells us how to resell of “cycle” these cards for MS purposes. Stephen mentioned in a recent podcast he does a lot of that but I’m sure others would also would like a simple tutorial on how and what to do.
Thanks as always for your fantastic blog


Can someone explain how you make a profit? If the fee for three cards is $23.85 (3x$7.95) and the discount is $15, aren’t you losing $8.85 on every three card purchase? Clearly I’m missing something!


The discount is $15 per $300. So if you buy $600, you would get $30 off. $30 – $23.85 = $6.15 in profit or ($593.85 cost for $600 in GC)


The discount would be $30 on three cards. $15 discount per $300 spent.

So, for three cards, a fee of $23.85 along with a discount of $30, for a small profit.


Also with Chase Ink Cash, you do earn 5 Ultimate Rewards Points on top of your purchase. Or cards you are trying to meet sign up bonus. But here the problem is really how you can liquidate those VGCs.


The “problem” isn’t liquidating them, it’s finding them in stock. Shirley, you can use these on spend that only qualifies for 1x?

Sea Pea

Liquidating? I’ve put like 59 cents on them at the grocery store. I don’t see how people can’t liquidate them?


Hi Nick. The current deal on on Visa cards, not on Mastercards.

Mark W

The current deal is Visa. MasterCard was last week.

Evan F

Can we get clarification on this week’s deal please? You have this listed under MasterCard GCs, yet the DOC article states the deal is for Visa GCs. I tried snooping around online to validate either direction, but came up empty.


It’s VISA. It’s through 3/23. Limit of 10. Happy shopping!


I could find only either 200 or 100$. So it was breaking even for me


Sadly, my local OD was out of the $200 MC cards, so I just got three $100. I lost money on the fees, but with my Chase offers, I still made $9! Definitely not worth the time had I known but I was already there and didn’t want to turn back empty handed…


Wouldnt 5 discounts = $1500 max?? Article says $1000