(EXPIRED) Office Depot/OfficeMax: Buy $300+ Mastercard Gift Cards & Save $15

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Office Depot and OfficeMax stores have returned with a profitable gift card deal this week on Mastercard gift cards.

Mastercard Gift Card

The Deal

  • Buy $300+ Mastercard gift cards at Office Depot/OfficeMax & get $15 off instantly.

Key Terms

  • Valid November 6-12, 2022.
  • Limit 1 per household/business (YMMV)

Quick Thoughts

As always with these types of deals, the best option points-wise is to buy two $200 Mastercard gift cards. Although you’ll pay an additional $1 in purchase fees, you’ll get an additional $101 worth of spend which can be worth far more than $1 if paying with a card that earns more at office supply stores such as the Chase Ink Cash or Ink Plus cards.

With two $6.95 fees (note that some Metabank cards now have a $7.95 fee), you’ll make $1.10 (or -90 cents with two $7.95 fees) profit in addition to 1,995 Ultimate Rewards points for every two $200 Mastercard gift cards that you buy.

You’ll come out even further ahead by linking your payment card in the Dosh app. Dosh offers 2% cashback at Office Depot/OfficeMax with a limit of $10 cashback per day. Gift card purchases are excluded, but enforcement has varied (some have had cash back clawed back, others haven’t. YMMV).

h/t: reader Bexho

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Does this code correctly 5x with CIC?


Absolutely, kind of the whole point 🙂


Any suggestions on how to best liquidate a Mastercard GC? MO and normal spend?


Great timing! Got the 5000 UR bonus offers on all of my Chase Ink cards for each $5k of spend.


Did not work Crystal Lake, Illinois


Cool. There is also a Chase offer for 10% back on up to $80. P2 got it on an Ink card.


Dosh suspended my account. I emailed them & went thru the process to reactivate & redeem, but I’ve since removed my CIC from their app to prevent reoccurrence.


You have a typo. Deal is dead. Doesn’t go until Feb 29 – also not a leap year 🙂

Ed k

Anyone come across an app which allows using a prepaid Metabank vgc to pay another person who also has that app? I know Cashapp doesn’t accept, but with so many transfer apps popping up, I was hoping to find one. Even just to actually pay someone, not just ms.

Ed k

I realize this article is about the MC deal, but thought I’d ask my question. People want to pay private sellers via apps yet use prepaid VGC (like Metabank 500s or variable) to liquidate or also so the seller can’t do more damage than what’s onthe card if they’re a fraudster. No easy liquidation methods in my area anymore. But if a P2P app comes along that allows it they will become very popular. Maybe there already is one which people are keeping o themselves, so I asked in this limited topic and not a forum.


So is it a visa or MC this time?

Jon T

I just tried this deal at my local Office Depot in Woodbridge, VA and they did not ring up as on sale and the cashier said she knew of when they were on sale but were not this week.

Jason Smith

The Office Depot in Edison, NJ is closing down. They have signs in the store that they everything is up to 30% off. That leaves only 1 Office Depot left in NJ.


How can I use my Chase Freedom and/or Flex to take advantage of this offer and get the 5x for Paypal? I thought of utilizing Paypal key and Google Pay wallet but get a message it won’t work for in-store purchases.


When are the fee free Visa cards at Staples again?

Stephen Pepper

It’ll depend on when they decide to run that offer again. It tends to come around once a month or so, but there doesn’t seem to be any set schedule.


Staples fee-free $200 Mastercard gift cards (8/22-8/28/21)Link: https://frequentmiler.com/staples-fee-free-mastercard-gift-cards/


I went in store.. they had no idea about this? Is the offer online somewhere? It was a wasted trip.

Stephen Pepper

Did you try buying $300+ worth of gift cards and it didn’t work, or you didn’t buy because there was no sign? If the latter, some stores don’t put out these offer signs like they should, so it should still work.


No, I didn’t actually ring it though, but I should have. I asked the cashier about the deal and she didn’t know it. She then called a manager, who said that she checked and didn’t see the offer either. I’ll try another location. I guess they don’t publish them online?

Stephen Pepper

Unfortunately not. The Rewards offers they publish online (e.g. the recent ‘Buy $100 Happy gift cards, get $25 Rewards’ offer), but not these Visa or Mastercard gift card offers.


How is one per household measured or enforced? Can it be one per household per day? Or are they linked to a phone number or rewards account such that you won’t get the discount a second time?

Stephen Pepper

It’s basically up to the store. It’s not enforced at rewards account level and some stores will actively restrict you from doing this deal more than once per day, whereas others will let you buy far more.


I’d be curious to know how anyone is currently liquidating these MCGC’s.


Doubtful you’ll hear from anyone with the very limited options still left, but I assure you there are ways (although they may be regional). Keep searching.


In the past, I’ve heard that Publix markets worked for liquidation. Don’t know if that is still true.


the machines at Publix actually do still work for this, but their internal policy (at least in southern FL where I live) has changed in that they want to see your ID and the actual debit card you are going to use. they have signs up that they “may” ask you to produce this, but they actually do ask you to present these. I have gone to various stores thinking I might find clerks who will be lazy and not ask, but they all do. so, Publix is out for me. Walmart is out for me. I am having a tough time flipping cards to money orders anymore.


I live in GA and there are some stores where they don’t ask for ID but why bother and take the chance when I can buy thousands of dollars of gift cards with my name on them from Simon mall and liquidate in larger quantities. I know the cost will be higher but I would rather earn points at a higher cost knowing that it will not be a pain to liquidate them. It really sucks driving around from store to store to yet another store just to liquidate a $200 VGC.


How do you liquidate the gift cards in larger quantities from Simon Mall? What is the difference between Simon Mall gift cards and Office Depot $200 VGC?
Thanks for sharing!!

Anthony Fantino

You can buy Money Orders. The difference is the amounts and the fact that your name will be on the Simon Mall cards. Most stores want to see the card and compare it to your ID to make sure they match. I’d rather earn 20,000 points at time from a single Simon Mall order then buy $200 cards that don’t have my name on them and it might be much harder to liquidate them.