(EXPIRED) 10% back at Starbucks with new Chase Offer (up to $3 back)

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There is a new Chase Offer out for Starbucks: Get 10% back on all Starbucks purchases until you reach a max of $3 back. That’s relatively small, but if you’re paying for a coffee anyway, might as well save a bit. Further, it’s notable as most Chase offers are one-use-only, whereas this one clearly notes it is cumulative.

a screenshot of a computerThe Deal

  • Get 10% back on all of your Starbucks purchases until you’ve reached a max of $3 back via a new Chase Offer (log in to look for and add the offer to your card)

Key Terms

  • Expires 2/15/20
  • Not valid at locations inside grocers, retailers, airports, or hotels
  • Valid on cumulative purchases until a max of $3 back is reached

Quick Thoughts

Again, you’ll only save up to three bucks, so this is a small win. However, Chase Offers are usually one-and-done, meaning that if you don’t earn the max in one shot you’re stuck with whatever you earn the first time. This style of offer, where the return is cumulative, makes a lot more sense to me. If you’re spending three or four bucks on a coffee, this is an offer that encourages you to use the same card at least seven or eight times, which is more likely to build a habit (I imagine this is the goal of these card-linked offers). If you have Chase cards, remember that you can add these via the app or via the website login.

My major annoyance with this offer is that it is not valid at locations inside grocers, retailers, airports, or hotels. I often find myself in one of those types of locations when I want a coffee and less often stop at a stand-alone Starbucks. Just keep it in mind that this will not work at many of those locations that are inside other businesses.

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[…] from Frequent Miler wrote about a Chase Offer for 10% back on purchases at Starbucks. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the offer was capped at $3 back. These insanely low limits are […]


I have 2 different offers on my IHG cards 10% back with $2.00 max on the select card and 5% back with 1.50 max on the Premier Card. Bonvoy card is 10% back with $2.00 max. Will see what will happen when loading to app.


While you cannot get the 10% back when using your card directly at grocery store or airport locations, it is important to point out that you can use it to reload a gift card balance, and then use the gift card at grocery store and airport locations. An extra step, but you also earn Starbucks rewards this way.


I have gotten it to work in app multiple times, for both Chase and Amex offers.


It works when you reload in the app or on-line. I’ve had this offer multiple times on several Chase cards in my account and my husband’s. You’re right, it is cumulative. One time I only loaded $25 through the app*, then forgot I used that card and did it again. Another $.50 posted after the second reload.

*The app used to not allow a reload of exactly $30. I just checked and it does now.

It is nice if it shows up on my Sapphire and/or Hyatt cards. 2X points + a discount. My family goes through quite a bit of Starbucks spend since three of us share my app log-in – my husband, my daughter in NYC in grad school and me.