(EXPIRED) 10% off Airbnb gift cards at Best Buy (stack with PayPal offer)

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BestBuy.com is offering a $100 Airbnb gift card for $90 or a $200 Airbnb gift card for $180. This deal could potentially stack with the PayPal offer for $25 off of $250 or more and 5% back on PayPal with the Chase Freedom card and make for an excellent deal if you’re after Airbnb gift cards — just be sure you know what you’re getting into with Airbnb gift cards.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Limit 1 of each denomination
  • Likely valid 12/27 only

Quick Thoughts

Getting ten percent off on Airbnb is a pretty solid deal. Stacking with the $25 off of $250 to buy both a $200 card and a $100 card for a net $245 is even better:

  • $200 card for $180 + $100 card for $90 = $270 – $25 PayPal offer = $245 for $300

That’s a net discount of better than 18%, which is huge for Airbnb. Note that the PayPal offer is limited to once per account, but it looks like the deal is still active for those who haven’t yet used it.

I do always caution readers about buying Airbnb gift cards though for a number of reasons.

First, Airbnb gift cards get loaded to your account and then there is no way to transfer them. If you decide not to book an Airbnb or you book and have to cancel your reservation, you’re stuck with Airbnb credit that you can’t transfer or sell to someone else.

Second, Airbnb allows you to pay half of the cost of your reservation up front and the other half later. If you do this, you can only make the first payment with a gift card — the balance must be paid with a credit card no matter how much gift card credit is loaded to your account.

Third, if you split a reservation with others (I believe Airbnb lets you split up the charges if you’re renting a house with others), I believe that only one person can use gift money.

Fourth, keep in mind that Airbnb allows hosts to cancel at the last minute. While that probably isn’t common, it is certainly possible that your Airbnb gets cancelled at the last minute and you need to book a hotel or change your trip and you’re back to my first point — you’re stuck with Airbnb gift cards rather than a refund.

All that said, if you are aware of those limitations but you frequently use Airbnb and know that you’ll eventually use the credit and save 18.3%, by all means hop on this deal while it is available.

H/T: GC Galore

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Hey, I had some Airbnb gift card credit from the last time Best Buy did this offer. After reading your post, I was worried I couldn’t apply them to my existing Airbnb reservations. However, I successfully applied $300 of Airbnb gift card credits to existing reservations where I had paid the first payment with a credit card. Just FYI.

I’ll be participating in this offer to pay off the remaining balance for our trip through Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. Thanks for the tip!


Great find; thanks!