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This shows up as miscellaneous income in my YTD Tax Activity screen, no 1099 yet.


Exactly right about getting the unadvertised 2% cashback Visa card with $150 bonus.

Unrelated to the new account bonus offer, I opened an IRA account earlier this year and about two monthly later I got the Visa card offer in the mail.

And for some reason, my FICO score went UP after I got the card. I made no changes to my other cards or accounts.

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Awesome. Done and done.


I don’t understand the requirement to open a new account if you are an existing customer just for the bonus. Historically, they’ve offered new deposit bonuses for existing customers based on net new deposits and it would make more sense to have this option for current customers, rather than having to create a new account just for the sake of a bonus.


Don’t have to understand it. Just do it. Easy money on the table for you. Can’t be telling yourself I don’t understand if I should take it.