Fidelity $150 intro bonus via mailer [Targeted]


The benchmark against which we typically judge rewards card is 2% cash back since there are several cards on the market that offer unlimited 2% cash back with no annual fee. One of those cards is the Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature card. Like the Citi Double Cash, the Fidelity card typically comes with no welcome bonus. However, I signed up for a Fidelity investment account a few months ago and today I received a mail offer good for $150 cash back after spending $1,500 in the first 90 days. While that’s not a very valuable offer compared to many of the offers we report here, it beats no getting no bonus at all. This led me to also find a link to the offer online, though the terms indicate that the offer has expired.

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The Deal

  • Fidelity sent me a targeted mailer for the Fidelity cash back Visa Signature good for $150 back after spending $1,500 within 90 days. This targeted mailer came a few months after opening an investment account with Fidelity.
  • There is an online offer also. The terms indicate that the online offer is expired, but it may still work (read more and find a link below).
  • For more information about this card, see our Fidelity Rewards Visa card page

Key Terms

  • This $150 offer is targeted via mailer (it came with a personalized confirmation code)
  • Mailer included 0% APR for 12 billing cycles, online link below does not
  • Card earns unlimited 2% back everywhere with no annual fee

Quick Thoughts

This isn’t a big or exciting cash back bonus, but it is $150 better than the typical offer on this card. More importantly, it’s a good reminder that if you’re interested in adding the Fidelity card to your wallet, it might make sense to first open some sort of investment account with Fidelity and give it a few months to see if you receive an offer.

I spent a few minutes looking to see if there were any online links to this offer available. I saw that Doctor of Credit had a post from 2019 with a link to this $150 bonus offer. While the terms on the landing page to which they link indicate that you must have applied for the offer by 12/31/20, at least one commenter at Doctor of Credit reports having applied via the link in February 2021 and confirming with customer service that the bonus was attached to his account. YMMV, but here is the link to the $150 offer online.

Note that when I enter the personalized offer code from my mailer at, the offer that it populates indicates a 0% intro APR for 12 billing cycles and then it gives the variable rate after that. When using the link above, there is no 0% APR period mentioned in the terms.

Personally, I find the Citi Double Cash card more exciting since it enables you to choose between 2% cash back or you can convert the cash back to Thank You points, but for those looking to diversify beyond the major banks, the Fidelity Visa might be interested (it is issued by Elan Financial). We have also seen a number of targeted spending bonuses like this one on this card in recent months.

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note that citi double cash has cut most of the protection benefits while this one still has those. Those benefits are very valuable to me personally but it may vary depending on the person.

Captain Greg

I will add that when P2 got this card 2 years ago, she signed up through a $100 sign up bonus offer. After a few months, the bonus never posted. We called and they said that she hadn’t signed up for the bonus, but we kept screen shots. Then they said that they’d make an exception for us and reward the bonus. That irritated us more because they were essentially saying that we were still wrong, but they would give us the bonus.

So, my point is, I’d be careful about signing up for this bonus with an expired expiration. Given the issues we had, I could see someone getting $0 bonus through this offer.


opened a Fidelity acct recently too. Let’s see what happens…don’t want this to take a 5/24 slot though.