175,000 Membership Rewards points consumer Platinum card offer for some [Targeted]


Reports have been rolling in for the last few days that some Amex Platinum consumer card referral links are sometimes populating a huge new offer of 175,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $8,000 in the first 6 months. Unfortunately, unlike previous targeted Amex referral offers, this isn’t being advertised within the cardholder’s Amex login, so the links won’t bring up the big offer every time. Still, it’s worth knowing that this is out there if you’re thinking about adding the Amex Platinum card to your collection.

The Deal

  • When clicking through from a referral link for the Amex Platinum card, some people are seeing an increased introductory offer of 175,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $8,000 in the first 6 months
  • Note that this is targeted, so you won’t see the 175K offer every time (and may not see it at all). If you’re looking for a referral link to try, you can find a reader referral on our Amex Platinum Card page


Quick Thoughts

This is a fantastic offer for a consumer Platinum card. If you have someone within your household who can refer you and earn a referral bonus, it gets even better (particularly if they are able to stack with the current +10 referral offer).

Note that some are seeing the 175K offer when clicking through from a referral link, but this isn’t an offer that you’ll see every time. Over the past couple of years, when Amex has had an increased referral offer, some customers have been able to generate links that would go directly to the increased offer 100% of the time (while other referral links would only sometimes pull up the increased offer).

This time around, it seems that nobody is being targeted with an every-time 175K offer. Instead, you’ll just have to try someone’s referral link and hope to see the higher offer. I often find that offers can differ from one browser to another, so it’s always worth trying different clean browsers to see if you get targeted for the 175K offer.

a screenshot of a computer

Between the welcome bonus and benefits that you can use in the first year, this card would absolutely be worth it for the first year for someone who is eligible for the welcome bonus.

That said, keep in mind Amex family language: If you get this card, you may not be eligible for a welcome bonus on the Amex Gold card in the future. If you’ve never had the Amex Gold card, you should probably consider getting that card first, otherwise you will potentially lock yourself out of a welcome offer on the Gold card by getting a Platinum card.

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Does this offer apply towards the lifetime limit of 1 AMEX platinum card per person?


Would you recommend this over the 100K CIP offer?

Daniel A

Success! Thanks! It took some effort – I tried probably 100 times on five different devices (two phones, two ipads, and a PC) with multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). Finally the new referral link FM posted took me straight to the 175K offer on my Android in Chrome no incognito. Applied for P2 and got it. Interestingly across all the devices and attempts incognito/private/etc almost always produced a poor offer, most commonly 125K vs not using it I almost always got the 150k offer. After putting in lots of effort on the 250k bus offer and striking out I was beginning to think I was cursed. I really hate Amex plays these games but I’ll gladly take the 175k and cancel after a year.


Finally, success on 175K off using Brave browser. This will be my first AMEX personal card in many, many years… 2016.


This is not NLL link. Anyone have NLL link ?


any of these have NLL?


How many tries do people usually do to get the then-actual highest offer? I’ve never been able to get these.


Sorry, this link is not working or has expired. If you’d like to apply with your friend’s referral, you can ask them to send you a new referral link.


Does it stack with restaurants 10x offer?


175K shows up with my and P2’s links in Firefox (standard window), and variably in other browsers (incognito)


Gotcha, Reliably variable.