(EXPIRED) $1K back on $3K+ at Kwiat (diamond engagement rings) via Chase Offer

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I noticed a new Chase Offer the other day that may be of interest to those shopping for an engagement ring or other high-end diamond jewelry: get $1,000 back when you spend $3,000 or more at Kwiat.

a screenshot of a websiteThe Deal

  • There is a new Chase Offer good for $1,000 back when you spend $3,000 or more at Kwiat (a diamond jewelry store)

Key Terms

  • Expires 9/30/20
  • Offer is valid one time only
  • Terms indicate that it may not be combined with other promotions or discounts (but Kwait would obviously have no control here)

Not sure

I’d never heard of Kwiat before I saw this offer, but they look legit based on my limited research. I did not price shop them to see if they are more expensive than everyone else, so YMMV on that.

When I bought an engagement ring years ago, I took a deep dive for months in the forums and articles at Pricescope and I bought a GIA-certified loose diamond and setting from different vendors and got what was at the time a slamming deal versus buying directly from a jewelry store given the specs I was after — and in fact, for the same set of specs I got, the next best deal I could find was a really big spread in price. It’s worth doing some research before diving in (and obviously some people choose to forgo spending a bunch of money on a diamond altogether, which I can totally respect and appreciate). I add my personal experience here just to say that I wouldn’t blindly assume that $1,000 off is as good as it sounds on the surface. On the other hand, if you find a reasonable deal on something this could certainly push it over the top. Keep in mind that many businesses that deal in diamonds will provide a discount for paying via wire rather than credit card, so it’s also worth taking that into consideration when price comparing.

Still, given the massive potential discount here, I thought it was worth reporting for readers who may be interested in doing the research into whether or not it’s much of a deal.

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[…] $1K back on $3K+ at Kwiat (diamond engagement rings) via Chase Offer (Expires 9/30/20) […]


John, All diamonds are NOT blood diamonds. You make a statement, offer no proof, only an assertion.
Apart from that, the $1000 discount should tell you just how much you’re overpaying for a diamond.
I think anyone who spends more than $10,000 on a diamond ring should fly to NYC, go to the diamond district, pick out a stone, then have setting specifically made for it by someone whose hobby or profession is making lost wax castings.

If you don’t want to do this, buy it from a pawn shop. Look around. Get a GIA grading if it’s expensive.

DeBeers will also sell you 1 carat lab- produced diamond, for $995 at last check. They keep lowering the price in an effort to differentiate the real real v lab real in the same way you can get a lab-created ruby or sapphire identical in chemical structure to the “real” thing.

I’m waiting for the lab-created woman, identical in all respect to the real thing. Should be a lot less expensive.


All mined diamonds are blood diamonds. And, De Beers controls the supply, so prices are artificially inflated. Please don’t buy them. If you must have diamonds, buy the artifical diamonds. They are identical in quality and chemistry.