(EXPIRED) 2-4x at GiftCards.com, stack with airline portal promos

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Several shopping portals are offering increased rates for purchases at GiftCards.com that yield between 2 and 4 points per dollar spent. Better yet, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines both have site-wide shopping portal bonuses ending today and tomorrow that would stack nicely to make for a great return on spend.

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The Deal

  • Several shopping portals are offering increased rates of 2-4 points / miles per dollar spent at GiftCards.com. This could also stack with shopping portal bonuses at a couple of stores.

Key Terms

  • Most portals exclude purchases of more than $2,000 from earning rewards

Quick Thoughts

This could be a very nice return if you have use for gift cards from GiftCards.com. I’ve long been able to use the virtual Visa or Mastercards to pay bills like insurance and medical expenses. If you’re stacking with a portal bonus, your return on spend here could make for a solid enough deal in some instances.

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Why not just go to Staples and get 5X?


This might be useful for those who need American or Alaskan miles


How does this actually work? I can’t seem to figure out the deal here. We go to giftcards dot Com and buy a GC? How do the airline portals come into play here? Never done this before so I’m confused. Thanks for helping out


You go to the airline shopping portal, search for giftcards.com, and go from there to giftcards.com. The portal tracks that you came via their site and hopefully you get credit for any purchases you make after that navigation.


For a virtual visa the fees eat into it a bit. At best the $250 visa card the fee is 3%. So at 3x (AA), aren’t the gift cards just a break even, other than the 500 mile bonus?


Basically. If you buy Visa eGift Card’s you’ll also get 1% back in G-Money Rewards which can then be used on future purchases, essentially bringing it down to a 2% fee. So you’re trading off a 2% fee for 3x AA miles + 2x TYP or whatever you choose and it counts towards AA status.


I have NEVER made a single point in G Money Rewards for buying Visa nor MC giftcards.


It’s only one specific type that grants it, I had the same issue for a long time. If you check out the Flyertalk thread for AA/Carrera they show a picture and link to it (I’d link it here but it would be deleted.)


I will try to look for it, thank you


5.95 fee is 2.38% on a $250 card. 3x AA (plus possible the 20% or 30% bonus if you have enough LPs already).
So on that $250 card you’re getting 750 (or 900, or 975) miles + LPs.
So you’re buying miles for between .61 and .79 cents, which is a great deal.
Then there’s whatever you value LPs at on top of that.
Then there’s the giftcards.com rewards (1%) on top of that.

Assuming you can liquidate them (I typically buy costco or amazon gift cards or pay my utility bill) it can be very nice.


Ahh. Thank you!
Too bad I see no Amazon or Costco in there today.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ted

You buy the VISA or Mastercards and then go to Costco.com to buy Costco Shop Cards with them (or load them into your Amazon account).


Bummer. Giftcards.com is cancelling every order as soon as i make it. No real explanation. Anyone else seen this?


No more 10% off visa?


Ended. Father’s Day was yesterday.

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