2% back on Walmart Grocery via Dosh card-linked offer


The Dosh app is offering 2% cash back on Walmart Grocery orders via a card-linked offer. That theoretically means that this offer could stack with a shopping portal, but I don’t see Walmart Grocery available via any portals (conversely, I see grocery excluded from the few portals that still list Walmart).

The Deal

  • The Dosh app is offering 2% cash back when you use a Dosh-connected card to check out at Walmart Grocery (grocery.walmart.com)

If you’re new to Dosh, feel free to sign up using one of our referral links. We’ll earn a small bonus when you sign up and connect and verify your first card, but I’m not entirely sure what you’ll receive as a signup bonus. It used to be $5, then they reduced it to $1 a couple of months ago, but I’m not sure if it’s gone back up now or not.

Key Terms

  • $50 max cash back per day
  • $35 minimum and small delivery fee apply. Pickup and delivery available in select markets
  • Valid only at grocery.walmart.com when you check out using your Dosh-connected card
  • Cash back deposited in your Dosh account within 30 days
  • Be sure to check the app to make sure the offer is still available before making a purchase.

Quick Thoughts

This is a nice deal as it stacks on top of whatever card you use to earn a potential grocery bonus. I’m not sure whether all of the cards that offer the best category bonuses at grocery stores have Walmart Grocery categorized as “grocery”, but some of them likely will code as grocery. At the very least, I’d think that Ritz cardholders may be able to reimburse Walmart Grocery purchases with the travel credit.

Keep in mind that you must order through grocery.walmart.com and there is a max of $50 cash back per day.

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