2,000 AA Loyalty Points / miles for $1 with HOMER stack [Possibly targeted?]


Update 8/22: Several readers have correctly pointed out that, because there’s no option to not get a free trial for the first month, the $9 Amex offer will expire before the first $9.99 charge hits your card. It’s unknown (but contrary to the terms) whether or not the miles would be triggered by the $0 trial…but my guess is no. You can still get 2,000 AA miles/LP’s by just paying $9.99 for the second month after the free trial ends, which is a good value at .5 cents per point. You can also scroll to bottom of the page and try to buy products to trigger the offer (as a couple of readers did…click here to see comments). The terms state that the offer is only good for the initial sign-up, so YMMV as to whether or not purchasing products would trigger the 2,000 miles (my guess is that this is much more likely than the free trial).

There is an easy stack out in the wild for those chasing American Airlines AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points: the current AAdvantage eShopping payout for children’s learning app HOMER gives you 2,000 miles/Loyalty Points with first purchase. A monthly subscription costs $9.99 per month — and there is an Amex Offer that should easily stack for $9 back on $9 or more up to two times, meaning that you only stand to be out $0.99 to pick up easy miles if you can complete the stack.

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The Deal Part 1: AAdvantage eShopping

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The AAdvantage eShopping portal is currently offering 2,000 miles when you sign up at HOMER Learning, which is a children’s educational app.

Link to this offer on AAdvantage eShopping

This payout is relatively new — according to the CashBackMonitor’s 15-month rate history, it looks like HOMER was only recently added to airline portals. It’s worth noting though that HOMER shows up under a few different name listings at CashBackMonitor (see all three listings here) — it looks like it has been available via some cash back portals during that time (previously as high as $40 back from TopCashBack).

Still, if you’re in the hunt for armchair AA status, the AAdvantage portal might make the most sense based on current payouts.

The Deal Part 2: Stacking Amex Offer

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There is currently a targeted Amex Offer out that’s good for $9 back on $9 or more at the HOMER Learning app (enrollment required). I have this offer on several of my cards.

The nice thing here is that this stacks almost perfectly with the cost of a monthly membership, which is $9.99.

a screenshot of a website

Essentially, you should be at a net cost of about $1 to pick up 2,000 American Airlines miles / loyalty points.

Incidentally, my 4 year old has been using the HOMER app for quite some time and he really seems to enjoy it. We previously bought a year-long subscription with a different Amex Offer, but I am buying a one-month subscription again here for the miles.

Bottom line

This is an easy little stack if you’re targeted for the Amex Offer, even if you don’t really care about using the HOMER app. If you have kids, maybe they’ll even enjoy it half as much as you do.

H/T: Reader Oren

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I am showing another 2000 miles from homer on my account from Oct 31 lol. First was oct 14.


I just got a notification that my 2000 points posted to my shopping portal account – i had previously created a claim.

I was one of those who ended my trial early to be charged for the amex offer.


Exactly as you. ended early and created a claim that was denied, actually


Was charged 2 days ago and not showing it tracked on aashopping


Same here, contacting AA eshopping. Didn’t see JoshF’s comment in time, bummer. At least the Amex offer worked for me somehow.


AA shopping tracked and paid today! Check your emails


It should be ok. I got my miles today




Miles never posted and follow up unsuccessful, congrats to those who got them to post.

“After reviewing your e-receipt, we noticed that the item purchased on your HOMER Learning’s order #XXXXXX is listed as ineligible to receive rewards per the merchant’s terms and conditions. Therefore, no rewards will be posted to your account.

The terms listed on the program website at the time of the purchase were:

”Rewards only eligible on the initial sign up. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Purchases made with a gift card may be ineligible. Not eligible on any free products, trials, services, memberships, subscriptions and retailer marketing subscriptions. Eligible on one (1) purchase per loyalty account member.”

The disclaimer that applies to your order is: ” Not eligible on any free products, trials, services, memberships, subscriptions and retailer marketing subscriptions. ”

It is important to carefully read the terms and conditions for each merchant before making your purchase, as the terms vary from merchant to merchant and occasionally change.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.”


It just might post. I got pretty much same email as you did and won’t you know it I got the miles today. It never even tracked at all – just showed I visited but did not transact. So just sit tight. It just might post.


Does anyone have the right email? I tried twice, they said that they can’t end the trial early (even though I told them that my friend had it done) and they cancelled my trial without charging for it.


Reporting back re: asking Homer to end my free trial and charge me ASAP. Just received an email from them that they did just that. Was also immediately notified via email from AmEx that I used the offer. Here’s their response:

“Thank you for reaching out to HOMER Member Experience!

I have adjusted your HOMER membership on my end. Your monthly subscription was billed today in the amount of $9.99 as requested.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.“

Fingers crossed that it tracks in the AA portal.


Got email notification 1.5 hrs later from AA portal that the $9.99 purchase tracked from when I originally signed up for it via the free offer. Looking positive so far!

Tim Steinke

Nice, great DP! Thanks Josh.


Same scenario took two days and finally got an email from AA portal saying it tracked.Fingers crossed that miles post.H/T Josh


Points have now posted.Thanks Josh


YMMV I guess. I tried to do the same but customer support said they could not charge me prematurely.


Try again. I got mine billed


Thanks Josh! I followed your lead and e-mailed Homer CS. It took two tries to find a rep who would do it, but they canceled the trial, charged the card and it tracked on AA portal almost immediately.


Which email address did you use? support@homerapp.com? I tried to use the “Contact Us” form on the website which routes to support@learnwithhomer.com


great tip, thank you


I had luck messaging them too. I just said I had an offer linked on my credit card that was expiring before my trial was set to end, so to please end the trial and bill my card now, and replied back in under 2 hours.


Dang, I was able to get Homer to end the trial early but it doesn’t look like it tracked 🙁 argh

Last edited 1 year ago by BBQman

Did you get billed yet? They set it to bill me the following day it looks like.

Also, do you see that any order tracked on the aa portal? Mine originally tracked at $0.00. Hopefully it changes when I am charged.


Did it change?


no :/


I got mine. Never even tracked but got an email from AAShopping awarding me the miles. Had emailed them but they said they wanted a receipt and order number. Had receipt but no order number and they said no go. Then it jut showed up.


It just might post. I got pretty much same email as you did and won’t you know it I got the miles today. It never even tracked at all – just showed I visited but did not transact. So just sit tight. It just might post.


If you get the free and then you immediately cancel, does it cancel right away or keep the trial active for 30 days? If it cancels right away you could potentially try to sign up again and it may try immediately charge you the monthly membership fee triggering the Amex Offer

[…] You can buy 2,000 AA miles for $9.99 by signing up for Homer through the AA portal and cancelling after one month (just set a reminder in your phone). There’s apparently an AmEx offer for $9 back on Homer purchases too. Note that I wouldn’t normally post a deal this small, but the AA Loyalty Points that you’ll earn pushes this slightly above the line. (Thanks to Frequent Miler) […]


This is the usual AAdvantage eshopping headache. T&C say you can’t get the miles if you sign up for a free trial. The business won’t let you sign up for anything other than a free trial. Amex has an offer, but it will be dead by the time you pay anything if you get the subscription. So you’ll end up on the hook for paying, and you don’t know if you’ll get the miles. Just weird.


The amex offer ends on 9/18.
And there’s a 30day free trial. So if sign up today, the first charge comes in 9/18.
I assume you’ll have to pay once in order to earn the bonus?


Agreed I don’t think it will work out. I’m skeptical of these AAdvantage eshopping offers for subscriptions that have trials actually tracking properly.


Just used it 2x – bought 2 bears – confirmation right away from Amex saying – Way to go, ROBERT! You used your enrolled Amex Offer.

Needed the gifts – kept my wife out of Marshalls where you would have spent a lot more than $20 for 2 kid gifts – Plus 4000 AA points – WIN, Win – You guys rock!!!


but the bear is $20… so you spent $40, no?


remember getting the credit from Amex offer 2x




The bear is $50… the accessory packs for the bear are $20.


Is buying a bear considered a sign up? The terms for the 2000 miles read, ‘”Rewards only eligible on the initial sign up.”


https://shop.learnwithhomer.com/products/parker-your-interactive-teddy-bear-best-buy-box – the bear is $50

https://shop.learnwithhomer.com/products/the-bedtime-kit-for-parker-the-bear – the bedtime kit is $20

“Parker the Bear is sold separately.”

Did you get two bears?


Are you able to do the AA deal twice? Offer said “Reward only eligible on the initial sign up?” which I took to mean that you could only earn the pts once.


Also says “Eligible on one (1) purchase per loyalty account member.” Just wondering if the terms are strict or if it will still count it twice despite what it says


Two emails – one w/vpn


Did you get the points to post?


This is weird – Same day ( a week ago) 4 purchase thru AA Shopping, 1 – Bought Motley Fool – 7500 points ( already posted) to my AA account – I do have 30 days to cancel – will they take them away? – 2 -WINC Wines – 1500 – ordered $33 – got $15 back with citi offer – 5 bottles ( 1st bottle opened last night(SHIT wine) – Points already posted on AA – 3- VITTESE Wines – this site you do not get to pick your wines – I made the purchase, also citi offer – but within 24 hours I called and canceled , told them I did not want wine surprises, that I wanted to pick my wines – So I canceled, they refunded full money but points posted to AA account. 4 – HOMER – bought 2x – neither points posted, but there was the $15 back from citi after a $20+ order – Already received the goods, I canceled account and will be returning items – a hassle to return items to HOMER.


Let me first say I really appreciate posts like this…..could you guys as a FM team try to always list in these type of posts whether you found the offers on a personal or business account, and if you don’t mind sharing specifically which card you had the offer on. I realize these are all fairly random from AE, but at least it gives us an idea whether to try logging in to biz or personal accounts to begin the search. TIA if you are able to include this small but super helpful piece of information!


It is too late for this, take it down. The 1st payment doesn’t occur until 9/19 and the offer expires 9/19. A day late.


One can still scroll all the way down on the site, go to the “shop” section and buy a kit for $19.99 with free shipping. This would trigger the Amex offer and you’d “buy” 2000 pts for $10.99.


But…that’s not what the post talks about. The post goes to great lengths to describe something that will not work.


If it’s a $30 trial will it bill in time for the amex offer?


30 day*


my order tracked on the portal, for $0.00 albeit, so no pending points yet


Any points posted yet? Mine is not even tracking even tho I did early billing by reaching out to get free trial cancelled. Amex covered it so no problem. But not tracking on shopping portal.




If you’re a new sign up you have to take the one month free trial offer. This requirement I guess won’t trigger the offer. Is there another way to sign up without taking the free trial ?