$25 off $100 or more at Staples.com, gift cards included


When you checkout at Staples.com with $100 or more worth of items in your cart, you should see the option to “Pay with Visa Checkout”.  When you click on the tab, you should see an offer for $25 off like this: 

a screenshot of a credit card

The $25 discount is processed immediately.  Here’s an example with a $200 Visa card in my cart (with $6.95 in fees):

a screenshot of a receipt

Here are a few tips to take things further:

  • Go through a portal such as uPromise or ShopDiscover for an additional 5% cash back on merchandise (doesn’t work on gift cards anymore).
  • Staples e-gift cards won’t work, but all other gift cards available from Staples.com should be fine.
  • Even though this offer is intended to by one time only, you can get the offer multiple times by putting your browser in Incognito/Private mode, then checkout as guest, then create a new Visa Checkout account each time.  WARNING: There is some risk that Staples will figure out what you are doing and ban you from their site.
  • Visa checkout will let you pay with any credit card, not just Visa cards.
  • Pay with a Chase Ink card to get 5 points per dollar, or Amex SimplyCash for an additional 5% cash back.  This should work because even though the charge is handled by Visa Checkout, the credit card charge will appear as a charge from Staples.
  • This deal is not supposed to be compatible with other Staples’ coupons but some have had success applying both (YMMV)

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Frequent Miler

Appears to be dead. Sorry.

Mark Fink

I just tried and don’t see the $25 either. Did it disappear that quickly?


I dont see the 25 off with visa checkout ….is it over?

Grant Thomas

Dang, sold out already. Good thing I got my Staples.com order in a few days ago before this promo…

Steph S

So are $200

Seán O'Donnell

Isn’t it a better deal to get the $100?

UR mall is offering 4x points through staples.com, too.

Seán O'Donnell

And the $100s are sold out now.