(EXPIRED) +4x travel and transit with new Amex refer-a-friend offer on business cards

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For a limited time, Amex business cardholders can now get +4 points per dollar spent on travel and transit for 3 months on up to $20K spent when you refer someone to a new card and they are approved. The terms indicate that you should refer “a fellow business owner”, but in my past experience Amex referral offers have typically been triggered regardless of the card the person you refer chooses to open, so I would bet that this offer would work even if the person you refer opens a consumer card through your link.

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Personally, I don’t ordinarily spend a ton on travel and transit, so this offer wouldn’t ordinarily pique my interest in the same way that previous +4 referral bonuses have (we’ve seen Amex offer things like +4 at home furnishings stores, +4 at restaurants, and +4 at small businesses as part of referral promotions in the past). That said, I will soon go on a cruise and +4 points per dollar on cruise charges could certainly be attractive.

For those who do spend a lot on travel and transit, this offer could certainly make it well worth finding someone to refer for a new card. Since Amex allows you to generate a referral for almost any card from almost any card (with some exceptions), it can be fairly easy to trigger this type of bonus. For instance, if you had this offer on your Business Platinum card, you should be able to generate a referral link for any Amex card and you’ll get your Business Platinum referral bonus even if the person you refer ultimately opens a Delta card or Hilton card, etc.

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Note that the screen shot above is from old referral offers that have since expired.

In this case, the wording does mention referring a fellow business owner, so there is some chance that you’ll only qualify for the bonus if you refer someone for a business card. Again, in my experience, it has never mattered whether the person I referred opened a business or consumer card in order for me to earn the referral bonus. I suspect the same will likely be true here.

If you have some big travel expenses coming up, it can certainly be worth finding someone to refer, even if just a spouse / Player 2 for a card with no annual fee or a waived fee in the first year just so you can earn the referral bonus points. Keep in mind that when we’ve seen these +4 offers, those referring new cardholders have earned both the flat points bonus (like 15,000 points or 20,000 points or 30,000 points for referring a new customer) and the +4. Amex typically sends an email within a day or two of the person you’ve referred being approved to confirm that you’re earning +4 (and it really ranges — I’ve had the email hit within minutes of approval and I’ve had it take a couple of days in experiences referring my wife or vice versa).

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While I don’t find this to be their most exciting referral bonus yet, I am nonetheless glad to see Amex continue to march on with the points parade for those who can take advantage.

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is airbnb considered “timeshare”? probably will end up buying GC at grocery for bonus and fuel points but will require not doing on my dedicated business card. have 6 months of air bnb stay coming up for work.

Dugroz Reports

Wondering the exact same thing. BIg Air B&B expense coming next year — willing to pre-pay with this IF it codes as travel!


9x if you refer from your Platinum Business and purchase flights/hotels through Amex Travel… but then you have to deal with Amex Travel. Nice bonus for simple bookings you’re pretty sure you’re going to take, but not if there’s any possibility of rebooking.


Props for writing “pique” instead of “peek”.