3 Cards, 3 Continents Contestant Questions (with guest Maisie Wilhelm) | Ask Us Anything Ep 48


Our 3 Cards, 3 Continents travelers are done racing around the globe on their intriguing, exciting, and delicious dream-trips! You can vote for a winner here, but before you do, check out this special Ask Us Anything episode featuring all of our contestants, including Greg’s culinary concierge Maisie Wilhelm. In this episode, our contestant’s answered live questions about the booking process, trip surprises, trip disappointments, and more.

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3:28 – Nick summarizes his trip.
5:16 – Stephen summarizes his trip.
7:34 – Greg summarizes his trip (with culinary concierge, Maisie Wilhelm!)
11:40 – Nick talks about Oman as the biggest surprise/delight in his trip.
13:29 – Stephen talks about the Orkney Islands (and the world’s shortest flight) as the biggest surprise/delight in his trip.
14:28 – Greg talks about Niagara Falls as the biggest surprise/delight in his trip.
15:48 – Maisie talks about her discovery of the Unesco bread and market shopping in Sofia, Bulgaria as her biggest surprise/delight of the trip.
17:55 – Nick talks about his Qatar flight from Manila to Doha (in the old business class) as the biggest disappointment of the trip.
19:12 – Stephen talks about his time in Cairo (with the Grand Egyptian Museum being closed) and the missed light show as his biggest disappointment of the trip.
20:19 – Greg talks about Air Canada’s sub-24 hour layover restrictions as his biggest disappointment of the trip.
21:30 – Maisie talks about the alternative itinerary with a ferry to Morocco as a slight disappointment.
22:54 –  Maisie-tell us more about what you do? And do you think you’ll do something different after your recent trip with Greg?
25:18 – Greg, how did you end up picking Saigon specifically? What was the thought process there?
27:08 – Nick can you explain the stopover rules with air Canada again?
28:04 – What was the most challenging part of each of your bookings?
29:58 – Which business class were you surprise about you the most?
33:12 – Nick, what did your kids say about your meeting with Santa?
34:51 – Spill the tea Tim and Carrie – who gets your votes?
36:11 – Stephen, Were those activities in Singapore airport free or did you have to pay for it?
38:15 – Maisie, what is it like to travel with The Frequent Miler around the world? That might be my make a wish dream 🙂
41:44 – can you guys remind me how long each of your trips were? around 8 days?
42:15 – Nick, do layovers and stopovers have to be in airline hubs?
44:26 – Will world travelers summarize and post your itinerary, booking process (rules), and costs ($ & miles), mainly flights, and hotels and events + foods?
45:26 – for those of us starting out with points, how do you keep track of your FF programs? I know there’s AwardWallet and TravelFreely for credit cards, but is there something similar for FF miles?
47:03 – ​Did anyone encounter any schedule changes between booking and departure? 50:30 – For the next challenge, do you all think you need more challenge / restrictions like the first 40K? Thanks for the great challenge and event. It was a tremendous follow and kudos to everyone.
51:49 – who had the highest cash value trip?
52:45 – Which other trip were you most jealous of?
58:10 – Did anyone consider trying for south South America? Any unique challenges with that continent that deterred you?

We had a similar Ask Us Anything episode right at the trip’s start, (before Greg and Stphen had left and before we knew all the crazy places Nick would go with his tiny backpack over the course of the challenge.) If you missed that pre-trip episode, you can watch it here:

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Carrie – in the video from the start of the trip you said that Stephen’s trip was the one you would most want to stowaway on, but you couldn’t say why. Now that it’s over, what was your reason?


She’s young and a Type AAAA Traveler . ALOHA


No advance notice on this one