(EXPIRED) $50 back on $200 at Marriott with new Amex Offer

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There’s a new Amex Offer out today good for $50 back when you spend $200 or more at Marriott. That amounts to a 25% discount and is a great deal if you have any Marriott stays in mind.

The Deal

  • There’s a new Amex Offer out for Marriott Bonvoy properties in the US and US territories, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean that’s good for $50 back when you spend $200 or more

Key Terms

  • Expires 9/21/20
  • Valid at properties in the US and US territories, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean
  • Excludes Marriott Vacation Club, Design Hotels, Protea Hotels (not that any of those are within the geographic limitations anyway), Marriott Executive Apartments, Homes & Villas by Marriott, and Vistana Signature Experiences.
  • Terms indicate that gift card purchases are excluded, but gift cards purchased at a hotel front desk have historically worked despite this term.
  • Limit 1 statement credit per card member

Quick Thoughts

The terms of the deal exclude gift card purchases, but gift cards purchased at the front desk of a hotel have historically triggered similar offers (even when you just walk in off the street to purchase – it doesn’t have to be associated with a stay). Note two things: gift cards purchased in a hotel gift shop likely won’t trigger the offer (only those bought at the front desk) and many hotels don’t actually sell gift cards (and in those that do, your chance of getting the one employee who knows how to sell them can be highly unpredictable). I therefore don’t recommend going out of your way to stop at a hotel but rather stop when you’re already passing one en route somewhere.

Of course, if you actually have a Marriott stay planned, it would be great to find this offer on an Amex Marriott Bonvoy credit card so that you can receive increased rewards and $50 back. Keep in mind that Marriott has also returned to shopping portals. I often find that readers have the misconception that you need to book an advance purchase rate in order to earn shopping portal rewards. That isn’t true: after clicking through the shopping portal, you can book a rate paid at the hotel, pay with a credit card synced with this deal, and stack portal rewards and the Amex offer money in your pocket.

On that note, keep in mind that advance purchase rates typically do not trigger Amex Offers, so I wouldn’t recommend planning to use this offer with an advance purchase rate. Also keep in mind that the terms indicate this one can only be used at properties in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Since most foreign destinations aren’t yet accepting American tourists, this likely won’t be much of a limitation for many readers, but it’s worth keeping that restriction in mind if your situation is different.

If you have a stay that is planned outside of the offer period (i.e. later in September or October or something), you may be able to contact the hotel and ask to put down a deposit on your room / towards your folio. They may not be possible in all cases, but many properties will allow you to do that and I imagine it would probably work to trigger an offer like this.

H/T: GC Galore

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Traveler Mike

Anybody have success with the front desk gift card purchase triggering the offer?


Yes, just bought a $200 gift card at a my local SpringHill Suites and got the confirmation email.


It initially only showed up on my BBP, but now it is also on my 2 Marriott cards. You might want to check if you have not already added the offer.


Stuck overseas. Hoping there is a way to capitalize on this offer.


is this good for cumulative spending? or have to be $200+ on a single stay?

offer is found on primary & authorized cards, will there be 2 rebates of $50 each?

Joseph N.

“I often find that readers have the misconception that you need to book an advance purchase rate in order to earn shopping portal rewards.”

That’s true with the other portals, but with Rakuten I have found that using Rakuten to book hotel stays weeks in advance always means having to fight with Rakuten CSRs to get the money. Even after the CSRs agree, the money never appears.