(EXPIRED) 50% off Google Fi unlimited plans for first 3 months for new customers & added lines

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Google Fi is running a nice promotion for new customers that is good for 50% off unlimited plans for the first 3 months when you join Google Fi. I believe this also works for adding lines for existing customers. Note that if you are an existing customer or have been a customer before, you can’t get the half off pricing for your own line.

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The Deal

  • Google Fi is offering 50% off for 3 months for new customers who join Fi on an unlimited plan or 50% off each new unlimited line for existing customers. Pricing for 3 months will be as follows (divide the price by the number of lines for the price per line if adding lines):
    • 1 line = $35/mo for 3 months (then $70/mo)
    • 2 lines = $60/mo for 3 months (then $120/mo)
    • 3 lines = $75/mo for 3 months (then $150/mo)
    • 4 lines = $92/mo for 3 months (then $184/mo)
    • 5 lines = $115/mo for 3 months (then $230/mo)
    • 6 lines = $138/mo for 3 months (then $276/mo)
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Key Terms

Get 50% off in Fi bill credit for the first three months when you activate a new account on Google Fi’s Unlimited Plan or add a member who is new to Fi to your existing Google Fi Unlimited Plan.

How do I qualify for this offer?
  •  To qualify for 50% off in Fi bill credit, you must:
    • Sign up for the Google Fi Unlimited Plan as a new Fi customer or join an existing Google Fi Unlimited Plan as a new Fi customer while the promotion is live on fi.google.com. 
    • Activate on the Google Fi Unlimited Plan account within 30 days of signing up for Fi on fi.google.com/signup or within 30 days of adding a new Fi customer to an existing Google Fi Unlimited Plan on fi.google.com/account.
  • A new Fi customer is defined as a person who has never previously opened a Fi account.  
    • Former Fi customers who have cancelled or paused service are not eligible.
    • Fi to Fi number transfers are not eligible for the promotion.
  • For existing Fi accounts, only new members added to the account will receive the Fi bill credit.
    • The promotion starts for the new member added to the account at the time they activate. 
    • Current Fi users will pay the regular monthly Google Fi Unlimited Plan rate.
  • Each eligible person in the group must individually meet the qualification conditions in order to redeem the promotion.
    • The promotion starts for each person who meets the conditions at the time they activate.
    • If the account is paused, credit will not roll over and will continue to be used in the three months after initial activation. 
    • You must remain on the Google Fi Unlimited Plan and not leave your account or switch to a different account to receive the entirety of the 3 month credit.
Any other details to know?
  • Offer is only valid while this promotion is live on fi.google.com, or while supplies last.
  • Offer is only valid for the Google Fi Unlimited Plan and not valid for other plans.
  • Discount applies to the list price for the Google Fi Unlimited Plan only. Taxes, fees, and other charges are not included.
  • Offer is only available to U.S. residents 18 years or older, and requires Google Pay and Google Fi accounts. 
  • Fi bill credit is not transferable and is not valid for cash or cash equivalent.
  • If Google Fi determines that this offer is used in connection with abuse, misuse, or fraud, the Fi credit will be voided and the discounted amount and any redeemed credit will be charged to your Google Pay account. Account must be active and in good standing to receive credits.
  • Void where prohibited.

Quick Thoughts

Half off on Google Fi’s unlimited plans is a pretty solid deal if the coverage works for you, particularly if you are going to do some traveling outside of the US since you get unlimited full-speed data nearly worldwide (free data & texts, but voice cost varies). You can also call 50+ countries from the US for free and prices to non-included countries are generally quite reasonable.

On tomorrow’s podcast, we briefly discuss the fact that some people have gotten shut down by Google if Google feels like they are living outside of the US (i.e. some folks who have been abroad for many months at a time have gotten shut down). Essentially, Google doesn’t want people who intend to live abroad using the service. All that is to say that there is some downside for the most prolific travelers among us, though I’ve used Fi in at least a dozen different countries now with no problem at all.

Within the US, Google Fi seems to primarily use the T-Mobile network (and also the US Cellular network to some extent?). That said, part of the reason I didn’t maintain Fi service is because in some places I found that I had T-Mobile coverage on a T-Mobile phone and nothing on Google Fi. Weird.

On the unlimited plans, you get up to 22GB per month per line at high speed, then you will get reduced speeds. One positive point is that they include unlimited tethering, so you can use that data locally on your phone or with a tethered device.

Overall, this is a solid deal for those looking to try Google Fi, particularly on the plans with multiple lines. One key note from the terms to keep in mind: this is only valid for people new to Google Fi. If you have had Google Fi before, you won’t qualify.

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I’ve been using Google Fi for several years now and it is very good but coverage can vary by phone. I’d suggest getting one of the 5G newer Pixel phones for best service with GoogleFi. I use it seamlessly in Europe and Israel on a regular basis, it’s like I never left home. It does primarily use T-Mobile/Sprint and US Cellular towers and at times when you roam it pays to reboot it for best service but overall it is very solid even in many rural areas.


Might make sense if you travel internationally a lot and use lots of data, otherwise there are options like Mint where you can get unlimited data for $30/month.


Interesting. Wonder if the coverage is going to differ between Fi and other MVNOs once T-Mobile shuts down Sprint network.


I hope they shut down the sprint networks. FI defaulted to the Sprint network, and it was terrible.


“In some places I found that I had T-Mobile coverage on a T-Mobile phone and nothing on Google Fi.”
This is true of ALL carriers that are repackaging service from other carriers vs. maintaining their own infrastructure. In many cases, it’s because you’re deprioritized (leaving bandwidth on a popular cell tower for primary, high-paying customers). Other times, it might be because T-Mobile is pinging a tower that isn’t theirs to provide service for their direct customers…but since it’s not owned by T-Mobile, it won’t be available for Fi or other MVNOs to connect.

Based on my own experience, this is not an issue in populated areas with lots of cell towers but can definitely be a hindrance if you’re off the grid.


I switched from Fi to Mintmobile. Much better reception on the same t-mobile antenna.