7 nights for 8 people: Maybe as low as $140?

Photo from Homeaway.com

I’ve often read about Luxury Travel Diary on other blogs. It’s an auction site that offers the chance to bid on luxury stays at destinations around the world. They have some interesting auctions ending soon that haven’t received many bids, including an 8-person cottage in Europe and an exotic beach Intercontinental stay. They reached out to us to offer a discount to any Frequent Miler readers that win an auction. To be clear, we are not receiving any compensation for this. They reached out and offered a deal for readers, and we decided it was worth passing on some potential savings to you.

The Offer

  • £10 off of any auction win of £100 or more (~$13 off of $130) with promo code FM17
  • Fill out this form after you’ve won an auction and £10 will be removed from your PayPal invoice
  • See a list of auctions ending soon here.
  • Valid through the end of September 2017.

Auctions ending soon

A couple of interesting auctions are ending on Monday and caught my eye. The picture at the top of this post is (I believe) of the cottage you can stay in if you win this auction for a 7-night stay about 45min from Prague in Svatonovice, Czech Republic.

I say I believe the picture above is correct because Luxury Travel Diary didn’t have many pictures of the cottage itself in this case. I Googled it and found a homeaway.com listing, suggesting that the retail price is around 195 Euro per night — and that’s not including the service fee tacked on.

At the current bid of about $133 for seven nights for up to 8 guests, it could be a steal. And that’s before your ten pound discount above. According to that listing, the stay must be booked by December 2018, giving you plenty of time to find a week that works for you and seven friends.

A second auction ending on Monday also looks very interesting and has a completely different theme. This one is for a four-night stay at the Intercontinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort. This is good for two guests and includes half board. The catch on this one is that it must be booked for travel that is completed by December 22nd, 2017. But it looks like a nice place to spend 4 nights.

This auction is currently at about $265, but it that’s still substantially below cash rates. I like the beach and Mauritius looks intriguing. If I had the time to make the trip happen this year, I might throw my hat in the ring on this one. Alas, I don’t — but that’s one less competing bidder for the winner :-). It also ends on Monday.

Bottom Line

I’ve never actually bid on a Luxury Travel Diary auction, though I’ve looked plenty of times. The truth is that I just often forget to check back before the auction is done. I suggest setting a calendar reminder or phone alarm if these auctions interest you to remind you to check back. Of course, there are many other auctions on offer as well, including another one ending this week for a night of “glamping” in a safari tent in Scotland (the current bid is at just 4 pounds at the time of writing).  All that said, I have no direct experience with the company and can’t speak to the booking experience. They’ve been around (and written about) enough that I would feel confident in bidding, but be sure to read terms for any blackout dates/restrictions.

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