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I used this offer and Chase did not want to pay me the bonus $$. I had to complain to the Consumer Financial Protection guys to get Chase to respond to my queries and pay the bonus funds.


Keep in mind that to title your account as TOD/POD you need to open this in a branch. But I did this offer late last year and the last of my bonuses just posted as scheduled. DoC has some great tips to view the bonus tracker via Chase’s mobile app. This may ease your anxiety over what does/doesn’t count as direct deposit.

Quo Vadis

The $900 bonus looks good but be aware that Chase Savings pays zilch (0.01% APY to be precise). Since the best online savings accounts pay 4.50% interest, Chase is essentially substituting the bonus for interest, and then hoping you’ll leave your money on deposit with them afterwards. If you get the full $900 bonus and then transfer your savings to a higher-yielding account after 6 months, you will come out ahead; but if you keep your money with Chase more than 12 months, Chase will be the winner as your funds are free deposit money for them (which they then will loan out to others).