Air France/KLM Flying Blue adds the “world’s best first class” as a partner: Oman Air


This belongs in the “things we’ve been meaning to write about since the start of the challenge.” Last week, Prince of Travel discovered that it was now possible to book Oman Air flights using Air France/KLM Flying Blue miles.

One Mile at a Time lists Oman Air as one of the World’s Best First Class Airlines and our own Nick Reyes had good things to say about their business class as well. Oman Air has partnered with Air Canada Aeroplan since 2021 and plans to become a full oneworld Alliance member later this year, so there will soon be many additional ways to skin a flight to Muscat.

However, Flying Blue partners with every major transferable currency, is fond of handing out transfer bonuses and seems to have access to quite a bit of inventory. That makes this a welcome announcement, even if it’s somewhat surprising.

a seat in a plane
Oman Air 787 business class

The Deal

  • It is now possible to book Oman Air flights using Air France/KLM Flying Blue miles
    • Awards are priced by segment, so an itinerary with multiple segments will be priced at the total miles needed for each segment.
    • Surcharges are significant; most premium cabin long-haul flights have between $300-400 of additional fees added to the miles cost.
    • There are no regions or award charts, pricing is route-based.
an airplane with a door open
Oman Air First Class Suite 787

Quick Thoughts

Oman Air is an airline that I’ve long wanted to fly (and Oman is country that I’ve always wanted to visit). The premium products get excellent reviews, but they don’t have any flights to the US, so the only way to sample them is by originating in Africa, Asia or Europe.

There appears to be quite a bit of business class availability on Air France; I had no trouble finding seats on multiple routes. Here’s the pricing to a few different cities in business class one-way from the airline’s hub in Muscat:

  • Delhi – 34,500 miles
  • Bangkok – 42,900 miles (or 62,000 in first)
  • London – 61,900 miles
  • Frankfurt – 48,400 miles
  • Munich – 45,800 miles

Those mileage rates are very good, but they become a little less shiny given that additional taxes and fees ranged from ~$150 from Muscat – Delhi to between $300-$400 on the other, longer routes.

interestingly, the added charges for both first class and business class between Muscat and Bangkok were the the same at ~$323.

That said, while total pricing might be a bit more than Aeroplan, the availability that I’m seeing is excellent. I’ll be curious to see what pricing looks like in other programs as Oman Air becomes a full member of oneworld this year, but until then, Flying Blue might be easiest way to actually book a seat on the airline.

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Daniel A

Any chance of getting more than 2 business seats? I did some test searches for Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, Delhi and found impressive availability (almost every day) for 2 business seats. But zero luck finding 3 seats. Think they’ll release more if the 2 get booked?


I think F awards are only for FB elites


Title of article mentions first class, but you don’t even list the current first class routes on Oman and their redemption values but you do for their business class. Strange. Wouldn’t that be an obvious thing to mention given the title?


I’m not following. I thought this was about first class per the title, but no comment on first class pricing? Only business class pricing? What is the first class pricing?

Daniel A

Article shows it for MCT-BKK 62k. I was able to find one seat available on the same route for several dates. My searches on Delhi, Manila, Jakarta routes found no first class. Anyone else have luck?