All gift cards out of stock at


UPDATE: As some have said in the comments, gift cards are back in stock.

For the past day or two, anytime I’ve tried to add a gift card to my cart at, it has shown up as “Out of Stock”.  This includes all e-gift cards and mailed gift cards, and all third party gift cards (Sears, Home Depot, Visa, etc.), and Staples gift cards.

I opened an online chat at to get the scoop, but didn’t learn anything useful.  Here is the chat transcript, with names changed to protect the innocent:

Staples: I am so sorry Greg at this time we do not have the ability to purchase the gift cards online or for delivery. I am sorry.

Greg: Is there someone you could ask?

Staples: I am sorry the last email we had received it did not have a estimated date for restocking. My apologies.

Greg: What did the email say?

Staples: All it say was at this time the gift cards were out of stock and we do not have an ETA on restocking. It stated we can not order them as they are all marked out of stock in the warehouses.

Will gift cards return to  I expect so, but we’ll have to wait and see.  The secondary question is whether we’ll still earn portal points once the gift cards return…

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I had this issue back in August. i.e. nonworking link sent by Gift Card Mall after purchasing an egift card from Staples. Took them three days to fix it! Have not had a problem since, but it was a rough start, since that was the first egift purchase I had ever made from


I bought a gift card form Staples a couple days ago and the link sent to my email doesn’t work. I called Giftcardmall twice and the they resent it twice with the same result. Their next suggestion was to get a refund from Staples. I don’t know if this is related; I can’t find any other reference to this problem.

Frequent Miler

It might be related. Maybe they pulled the gift cards because of a glitch like this.

Rick Barclay

The gift card are back up on


but you can’t buy gc with gc any more

Frequent Miler

It looks like you can still buy gift cards with gift cards. Did you try it?


I received the same BS non-answer when I asked, both via phone and chat. I find it hard to believe there’s a technical/operational issue that is affecting GC availability across the board (even with Staples GCs) – I’m betting there’s some reprogramming going on


Holy mother of god say it isn’t so!


Could also be related to a Staples/CashStar break or issue.


I strongly bet they are not actually out of stock, but their SKU are being reprogrammed and all are pulled in the transition.

Could be they close the loops or could be as is often with any new SW there are gaps to exploit.

Joshua Flores

Oh this is bad news….