Almost unlimited 3X if you can find it: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge drops to $199


We’ve recently posted a number of great clearance deals on Samsung phones at Walmart. Yesterday, we posted about the Samsung Galaxy S6 available at $149 at some stores. A few days before we had posted about the Galaxy Note 5 for $199 and the Galaxy S7 Edge for $399. All of these phones qualify for Samsung Pay, which is a mobile wallet that works with the vast majority of payment terminals (even at places that don’t say that they accept mobile wallets) — meaning that you can get 3X almost everywhere with the US Bank Altitude Reserve. Well, thanks to reader Chris for bringing it to our attention that the price on the Galaxy S7 Edge has dropped to just $199.

a screenshot of a phone

While many stores are sold out, I did find availability in a number of places with a quick search:

a screenshot of a computer

See our previous posts linked at the top for more information on finding these clearance deals and on understanding the Brickseek links below (in summary: the stock numbers aren’t always accurate and some stores may not be willing to sell the phones or unsure of how to ring them up — it’s not worth a trip out of your way to find these, but if you’re near a store it may be worth popping in to see if they have the stock it shows).

Links to check the inventory at your local stores:

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935V Black $199…=178779831

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge G935A 32GB Black $199…=106810943

A couple of readers have reported difficulty in getting the Galaxy S6 phones at stores with inventory — others have been able to get them successfully. Again, YMMV. Thanks again to Chris for the heads up!

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