Chase Offer: Get 5-15% back on up to $100 spend


There’s another Chase Offer that’s out which is giving 5-15% back on up to $100 of spend.

Walmart Chase Offer 5% back

The Deal

  • There are three different Chase Offer outs that give 5-15% cash back on all of your purchases, up to $100 in spend.

Key Terms

  • Expires January 31, 2024.
  • Offer only valid on purchases & purchases made via mobile app.
  • Offer only valid on purchases made directly with the merchant.
  • Offer not valid on in-store purchases with Walmart Pay.
  • Offer not valid on in-store, gas, or pharmacy purchases.
  • Offer not valid on purchases made using third-party services, delivery services, or a third-party payment account (e.g., buy now pay later).
  • Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date.
  • Offer not valid on gift card purchases.

Quick Thoughts

This offer seems to be fairly widely targeted and you can add the offer to each card it’s available on and then redeem it on each of those cards. That means your potential savings could be much larger depending on how many Chase cards you have, how many are targeted and how many $100+ orders you need to place before the offer expires.

It might be possible to lock in the discount by buying $100 Walmart gift cards. The terms exclude that, but it’s worked in the past provided you can get them to fulfill your orders; I’ve never had any success with that, but I know other people have.

Be sure to note that this offer is only valid on purchases from – not in-store. Also, click through from a shopping portal in case the purchase tracks – here are the current rates.

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