American offering free status challenge to some


American Airlines AAdvantage is targeting some members with free Gold or Platinum status for 3 months from activation with a reduced path to keep that status through January 1, 2023. I wasn’t targeted for this promotion, but it could be a good deal for those who are. That is particularly true for those who might fly Alaska a few times now that there are some reciprocal benefits with Alaska Airlines.

The Deal

  • American Airlines is emailing some targeted members an offer to get free Gold or Platinum status for 3 months. Keep or elevate that status through January 31, 2023 with the following levels of activity:
    • $1,500 EQDs and 12,000 EQMs or 14 EQSs for Platinum
    • $2,300 EQDs and 18,000 EQMs or 21 EQSs for Platinum Pro
    • $4,000 EQDs and 28,000 EQMs or 30 EQSs for Executive Platinum
  • Direct link to log in and see if you are targeted

Key Terms

  • Must earn the necessary EQDs and EQMs within 3 months to keep status

Quick Thoughts

This is an excellent deal if you are targeted and can complete the challenge. I believe that those targeted for Platinum get not only benefits like 2 free checked bags and Main Cabin Extra / Preferred during the challenge but also get 10 500-mile upgrades (“stickers”).

H/T: Dan’s Deals

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If you receive this promo Plat status, is there any other status you can match to elsewhere?


Yes, I got the challenge and the 10 500-mile upgrades.


Are these promotions usually only once/lifetime, or can one be targeted multiple times?


Now that Alaska is a partner in One World, do they still allow pax to earn miles with Delta? They used to allow mileage earning with almost everyone.

Mark F

Delta is not in One World, they are Sky Team. Alaska and Delta used to be friends until Alaska discovered Delta was just using it to take over Seattle and Delta now has an almost full-fledged hub in Seattle that competes a lot with Alaska. They are now mortal enemies so you will not be earning any Alaska miles flying Delta.