Amex apology emails promising points


American Express starting sending out emails yesterday on many Delta and Marriott credit cards apologizing for some sort of mistake made that deprived people of points they should have received. It isn’t immediately clear what this references or how many points will be received. Doctor of Credit indicates that this references a gas/restaurant/Marriott bonus from last fall, though we had some readers in our Frequent Miler Insiders group who received similar emails on Platinum and Gold cards (one Platinum cardholder received a statement credit of just over $100).

Many members of the Frequent Miler team have received this email on a number of Marriott and Delta credit cards, but again several reported receiving them on other cards as well.

I haven’t actually seen any points show up yet on this, but I imagine it may take until the statement period ends. Again, it isn’t entirely clear what these emails reference, but it clearly must have been some sort of audit that caught a lot of missing points.

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Ryan del Mundo

AMEX always has these sorts of refunds and emails. It implies they have a division in their “points” department that looks out for customers. It must be hugely expensive to deal with these rebates, above just the cost of the points, but they are always doing it. Chase and Citi? Have they ever had a mea culpa? Never! So while we have the RAT maybe we also have a Amex Cardholder “ombudsman.” Interesting thought, and one that would surprise me.

Joseph Simko

I received Marriott points at the beginning of this month and they were added under the heading of ‘GAS DIN’. I kept fairly close track of the bonus point earnings for dining and gas last year and I thought I received the correct amount, but if they wanna give me more I won’t complain!


I received one for my Platinum card.


They are in a good mood after their earnings report


Many of us received points on Bonvoy cards a few weeks ago. I believe this email relates to that