150k Bonus on the American Express Business Platinum – Expires Tomorrow



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Update: Several people are reporting the code is no longer working.

American Express currently has an offer on their Business Platinum card giving 150,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $20,000 during the first three months. The $450 annual fee is not waived.

The offer is not available online and can only be applied for over the phone. To apply:

  • Call 1-877-628-6736
  • Provide them with this offer code: L081-994-816-5743

Keep in mind that this deal expires on May 15, 2015 and carries a hefty $20,000 spending requirement during the first 3 months.

For more, see this Doctor of Credit post.

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[…] because often the best signup offers are the targeted ones. In the last year we’ve seen targeted offers on the Amex Enhanced Business Platinum reach as high as 150,000 points (offer expired) (albeit with a high spend […]

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You guys f[edited]d up the deal by posting it online. Now amex will never offer something like this again. Please be responsible, not stupid, and don’t ruin every good thing you find out about for the rest of us. Screw you.

[…] offer for the American Express Business Platinum card was published on a number of blogs, including Frequent Miler’s Quick Deals.  This was intended to be a targeted offer, but it worked for pretty much anyone who called and […]


NUTS! I saw this via your tweet earlier but I was boarding an airplane and had planned to do it as soon as I got home. I snooze, I lose!


Frequent Miler alerts have definitely taught me one thing about AMEX. They are silly generous at times and and you have to move fast as the waves are swift and deadly to those not ready. But never fear FM will find you another gold nugget. Focus and patience.


Definitely shut down. Just called and they told me this code was posted on a bunch of travel blogs and isn’t valid blah blah blah.


just called a minute ago and was told the offer code is no longer valid. i told her i received an offer in the mail and it said it expired tomorrow – but she said they changed it today. no luck for me 🙁


Just went through a very long call and then a callback call was required. AMEX offers for you negates the 450 fee. And MS will easily take care of minimums since we have 3 RedBird cards. This is the perfect example of why you have to have your MS plan in place and to be conservative in new credit card applications. Thanks FM you just paid for the Aeroplan miles to get 2FC SFO-FRA-BCN next April.


they don’t seem to be offering this anymore. I just called up and gave the code and they said this is no longer valid

Greg The Frequent Miler

Uh uh. Anyone else have this happen?


Yes. I just called. I received the offer privately before it was blogged about but was waiting to apply. Just did because it is now getting a lot of coverage and got told that it is no longer available.


Ditto. Dead as of 5:10 pm EDT. Amex rep said code is no longer valid.


I don’t have any business. Is it possible to get this card?

[…] Frequent Miles: 150k Bonus on the American Express Business Platinum – Expires Tomorrow […]

Greg The Frequent Miler

I just applied successfully for this offer. Even though the rep was very nice, it was a long process: 30 full minutes.
I then applied successfully over the phone for the Hilton Surpass card. They still have the 80K Hilton offer available via phone.


Curious, was it 30 minutes of formalities or 30 minutes of a full financial review and justifying your business and why you need the card. Thanks

Greg The Frequent Miler

Nothing difficult on my side, just 30 minutes mostly of the rep reading terms & conditions, etc.

[…] Then last night Doctor of Credit decided to share it publicly. I wrote about it briefly as a Quick Deal, but I thought that it warranted a more detailed look […]


FARK…I just got the business platnium 3 months ago (for 100k). I wonder if there’s any chance they’ll let me get a 2nd??? lol

Is this one of those cases where AMEX will be awesome to apply for because they DO NOT pull your credit if you’re and existing cardholder and denied?


problem #2…I’m about to finish a refinance, closing any day now. although they already pulled my credit a 2nd time, so i’m guessing they’re done pulling credit..

Greg The Frequent Miler

No, you can’t have this bonus if you’ve had a business Platinum card within the past 12 months


I think I could maybe do this. $5K per month on RedBird (with an intermediate step) = $15K. $5K @ the Waltons. So, total reward is 170,000 MR at a cost of:
a) 20,000+ lost opportunity cost of some other miles that could have been earned. For me it would probably be about 30,000.
b) say $8 per $1000 in the intermediate step = $240.
c) the $50 annual fee after 2 x $200 in airline fees.
Let’s say $300 outlay (let’s forget about any AMEX Offers to offset that.
So, say 140,000 MR points for $300 = 0.2 cents per point = a very good deal.

I just got a few cards in March so it is “out of my cycle” and, worse, I just got a personal platinum last week (already made the minimum spend).
Then I already have a platinum business card.
The total AMEX cards I have are 2 personal and 3 business.

BUT I have a second business (with my personal SSN) with 3 cards, none of them AMEX.

Do you think I could get this new card for this second business?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Unfortunately, no. Amex won’t give you the bonus for a second business Platinum card unless the first one was cancelled more than a year ago. If you’re considering the current Chase Ink Cash or Ink Plus offers, though, Chase does allow you to get a second card for a second business.


Unfortunate. I already have 2 Chase Inks for that second business. Thanks for the response.

I wonder why Amex won’t allow it as it’s a different EIN.