Amex Gold dining credit changes: Two partners out, three more in


The Amex Gold Card has offered a mild shake-up of its annual dining credits today. While the card’s monthly $10 Uber credit has not changed, the separate $10 monthly dining credit picks up a couple of new options and loses two former options starting today.

a close up of a credit card

The Deal

  • The Amex Gold card has long featured a monthly dining credit of up to $10 that can be used at Grubhub, The Cheesecake Factory, and select Shake Shack locations. Starting today, the following changes have been made to other partners for this credit:
    • New options:, Milk Bar, Goldbelly
    • No longer available: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse,

Quick Thoughts

This change probably works out well for many people. I’ve always thought that Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse was a weird option — I just don’t see a $10 credit driving business in either direction there. Truthfully, I rarely use this $10 monthly benefit, but I’m disappointed to trade the option of to pick up household supplies in exchange for gaining, Milk Bar, and Goldbelly. Last Bottle Wines marathon sales have led me to order more wine than I’ll drink ay time soon and I’m pretty sure I’ve never even walked past a Milk Bar. I have used Goldbelly to order a gift now and then, so maybe the $10 credit will get a couple of uses that way. I suspect that others will be more excited about and Milk Bar than I am.

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Tommy Rock

This change doesn’t move the needle either way for me, and I’m thankful for that. We’re fortunate in that Chipotle is featured on both Grubhub and Uber Eats in our town. My wife uses these credits jointly once a month for carry-out on family Tex-Mex-and-a-Movie night.


Be sure to check prices! I was looking to see where I’d be able to use GrubHub. My order from Noodles & Co. is the same on both, but GH charges a full $2 more than Uber Eats for a burrito at my nearest Chipotle.


Damn. I recently subscribed to boxed premium or whatever it’s called at a $35 discounted rate because I’d found some cold brew coffee I really like. With the gold credits, it was a no brainer. These new options are a major loser for me. Whether or not my wife’s gold remains open will depend on the retention offer.


Freaked out for half-a-second thought we lost GH option. Cards worth the net $10 AF for the upgrade /downgrade carousel- downgraded a plat last December.

Ruth Chris/Cheesecake/Stakeshake just meh but can use the UE/GH for pickup

Literally just paid the AF on P2 gold card this A.

I will upgrade to a plat this fall (for the bonus).

After canceling/downgrade P2s Biz Plat this fall (got full AF statement credit last year-no spend).

Gotten excellent value from our Plats with the FHR – Dell credit has replaced all our laptops, Bose headphones, mice,4K monitors, etc – since they have stopped carrying cameras lens, drones, gyros, and non-computer stuff its harder to get full value ( tired of reselling ATM).

Dan is ok if you have the stewardship prepaid shipping. Milk Bar I do like just wish it had a few less calories! 😀


The easiest way to use the credit to order Grubhub for pickup. I have a bunch of Grubhub restaurants on my way home from work. I just order something that cost a little over $10 and pick it up on the way.


Do you have any places on Seamless in your area? I believe they started in NY. The credit should also work for orders placed on seamless so it’s worth checking.


It does work on seemless. I use it every month there for pick ups. Last month red lobster, this month taco bell.


I only used this credit at Boxed so now it is pretty much useless to me. We don’t eat at any of those other options. I like Milk Bar when in NYC, but that’s like once or twice a year, at best. Bummer.

Troy stewardship program makes free shipping on any order – combine with frequent $30 back on $100 amex/citi merchant offers/simplymiles/drop and this is worthwhile. Note that when I did a $30 on $100 stack of drop card linked + citi MO + simplymiles ordering wine + the stewardship upgrade to hit $100 absolutely nothing tracked (they split the wine & the stewardship into separate charges after purchase). Therefore recommend doing $100+ of wine plus stewardship if trying this route.

Dan Miller

Piece of cheesecake a month!

Dan Miller

Well I can’t help the 70 mile away thing but I usually get their big chocolate cake as I also am not a huge fan of cheesecake


Yay! I thought I was the only one alive who didn’t care for their cheesecake. And I like cheesecake. Their’s is just too fluffy for my taste.


Easy for me. I just tell the family AMEX buys us a piece of cheesecake every month. They also have cake if you are not a cheesecake fan. 12 minutes away from our house. The bigger pieces went up in price so now instead of being free, they cost me 13 cents.


Do you tip on a pick up order ? I don’t if they make me wait over 5 minutes.


I was buying their GC every month, and then going there to eat once a year, but when they changed airline credit for Uber, I cancelled the card, still getting Uber credit though. Haven’t used it, since it overpriced, and $10 doesn’t make any difference. Those credits are close to useless, IMO. Switched to Altitude Reserve for groceries, but want to get get Cap1 Savor1 for that later.

Another Jeff

Yeah, what’s going on with Uber credit? I downgraded from platinum to green in January and as of this month am still getting the credit. Not complaining though

Last edited 1 year ago by Another Jeff

If I never see the inside of a Cheesecake Factory again, it’ll be too soon. 😀
Or Shake Shack.
But actually, I kicked this card to the curb last year, so I don’t really care anymore what AmEx does with it.


So far I either used the credit at Cheesecake Factory, or grabbed a $10 GC at Shake Shack. No impact on me.