(EXPIRED) Amex Offer: Spend $500, Get $25 (10 times)

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Amex is out with a great targeted offer for select business cardholders: Spend $500, Get $25, up to 10 times. I found this offer on every Blue Business Plus card in my household (including authorized users), but not on any other cards.  This amounts to 5% back on $500 transactions in addition to points earned anyway!  This offer is limited to those who were cardmembers as of November 1st 2020.

Readers report finding this offer on the Blue Business Plus, Platinum Business, and Simply Cash Business Cards.  Please let us know in the comments if you find this offer on other cards.

a credit card on top of money

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What about sending $500 paypal and paying the fees myself? This likely to be an issue with AMEX?


Is there any restriction on the time period you can get the 25.00 credit? In other words, can I pay three (3) different $500.00 invoices a few days apart, and get those three (3) 25.00 statement credits in a one month period, or is it only one 25.00 credit issued per billing cycle, so I’d have to wait to pay two of the invoices or use a different card or check?


any DPs that a stmt cr was delayed or not issued after organic spend of >$500 posted more than 4-5 days?


Any data points on one large payment triggering the bonus – ie, Can this be one tax payment of $5000 vs 10 of $500 each?


nope, will get only a $25 cr


Would this promo work to pay tuition? I don’t see anything in the promo T&C that would prohibit this.

I found this on my Blue for Business card (it is included in the list of cards contained in the T&C of the promo).


Greg & FM team,

did the sorted comments by ‘most recent or old’ go away? hope that option is still available or be brought back, as i find it more efficient than the recent change. Thx

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Absolutely agree to this…to be honest, the comment system on Doctor of Credit is even better, if that’s a style that can be applied here easily it’d be an easy win I think.


no feedback from the FM team… guess that the more easy or effective method won’t likely be brought back; if one wants to view most recent, latest updates / comments will have to scroll all the way down or to last page; the point is most ppl want to view the latest or most recent news first rather than those of past weeks or months old

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thx Greg!


It stacks nicely with the spend 8k receive 11.5k miles.


A few updates: Pay1040.com increased their fees to 1.99 making PayUSA the least expensive provider for credit cards at 1.96. The fee is billed separate so the tax payment needs to be $500 + fee to qualify.


Weird that I only have it on my Blue Business Plus and not on my AU’s.


You can pay quarterly estimated taxes and the $25 credit would more than make up the fee.


Both me and my wife had this offer on our BBP cards. She also has an offer for an extra 3000 membership rewards for each $1500 spent (use up to 3 times). I have an offer for an extra 1000 membership rewards for each $3000 spent (use up to 3 times). Looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of $500 transactions between the 2 cards.


Hope it works but based on the offer terms of $500+ (rather than every $500 or other wording), it probably won’t.

Thanks for trying this for us!


There is a report of this working on doc, but every DP is appreciated!
Thanks for doing one for the team!
ETA: actually the dp is for the bb offer so it’s even more significant

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Any update on this?


Ha I just posted this same question at the top of the thread!


I’m not a big user of Amex offers but got this one on Business Plus, and can do multiple $500 payments against my (high) oil bills for winter heating.

If I’ve registered the offer and my wife uses her authorized user card to make the purchase will that trigger the offer, or does it have to be my card (not trying to double-dip the offer, just want to make sure I don’t miss out by using the wrong card).


Amex offers have historically been specific to the card where the offer is added, so AUs don’t trigger the offer from the account holder’s main card. But those AU cards should get their own offer so you can do another 10 times on those card(s).

These new offers could be different but I doubt it.


Thanks Larry. Not sure how I see my wife’s AU card’s offers. Are those under a separate Amex online account for her, even though the points credit to my account? I can’t see any way to do anything but list the names that have an AU card from my own account.


They’ll show under a separate Amex online account, for the specific AU card number. I add the AU cards to their own account, and separate them by person. So in my family of 4 as an example, I’ll have 6 Amex profile accounts. My wife and I have our own CCs that need to be paid and MR points managed separately, so I have one account for each of us. Then each of our 4 people get their own accounts where they are an AU on another card (I don’t want my AU cards for my wife’s account showing on my main Amex profile so it doesn’t get as cluttered).

I probably used “Create New Online Account” to originally set up the new amex online account with an AU card number. As new cards arrive, I add the AU card numbers to the appropriate amex online account.

Hope this makes sense!


Terms say “Basic Card Members and Additional Card Members must separately enroll an eligible Card. “


Would it work for taxes and/or rent?


Same offer on my Platinum Biz.


My mistake, my offer was on Biz Blue.


I am thinking about making some estimated tax payments.


I am thinking the same.


Found this deal on my Amex Simply Cash Business card. You do mention this in your post, but easy to miss: purchases must be $500 minimum. You cannot accumulate purchases under $500 as you can with many other AmEx offers.


yes that’s a bummer: “ a minimum of $500+ in a single eligible transaction”