Amex Offer in use: 50% off on paper towels at


There is a new Amex Offer out for — Spend $65 or more and get $25 back:

boxed 25 back on 65

You can add this offer in your Amex account (see our Complete Guide to Amex Offers for information on syncing to multiple accounts) or tweet #AmexBoxed. This offer gives you about 38% off on a $65 purchase, but it can be stacked with a discount (and perhaps portal cash back) to save even more. As an example, you can save almost 50% on paper towels.

Of course, buying paper towels is kind of like buying mattresses — every store sells something with a slightly different count/name to make it a bit of a challenge to comparison shop.  I’ll offer two comparison cases and then the price.

Comparison Case #1: Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club sells a 12-pack of Bounty paper towels for about twenty bucks:

Bounty Sams

To make comparison slightly easier, let’s figure the price per square foot. The rolls pictured contain a total of 708 square feet of paper towels. That’s about 2.82 cents per square foot.

There is an offer pictured for a free $10 Sam’s Club gift card when spending $40 or more. Unfortunately, that is wiped out by the cost of shipping ($11+ in my case). I’m not sure if there is a way to get free shipping — so I’m leaving the cost of shipping and value of the gift card out of the equation as they appear to be a wash.

Comparison Case #2: Costco

Costco doesn’t sell a Bounty 12-pack. Instead, let’s compare to the Coscto store-brand, Kirkland:

Costco Kirkland paper towels

At 1,026 total square feet for $23.99, that comes out to 2.34 cents per square foot. Stacking has the following offer:

bounty paper towerls

That’s 59.1 square feet per roll x 12 rolls = 709.2 square feet total for $19.99. On it’s own, this is a hair lower than the Sam’s Club price, but a bit more than Costco at 2.81 cents per square foot.

But if you’re OK with stocking up a pile of paper towels, you could buy four 12-packs for a total of $79.96. That’s 2,836.8 square feet. After your Amex Offer, you’re down to 54.96 — 1.94 cents per square foot.

But, if you’re a new customer, you can do better. As a new customer, you can use code GETBULK for 15% off or use a referral code to save $15 off your first order of $60 or more (feel free to use my referral code – PUZHH – with my thanks, or go to the comments to get a referral code from other readers).

Let’s first look at the price with the 15% off code GETBULK:

Boxed order

After the Amex Offer, you’ll be down to $42.97 — or 1.51 cents per square foot.

If you use my referral code, you could save a bit more. The referral is good for $15 off of $60 or more. Your cart will look like this:

boxed referral 2 collects sales tax in my state — so the final total will eclipse the $65 necessary to trigger the Amex Offer. So if we take the $25 off, we’re down to about $40 out of pocket — or just 1.41 cents per square foot — exactly 50% off of the Sam’s Club price for Bounty (and almost half off the Costco store brand!).

If does not collect sales tax for you, you would need a small filler item to reach $80 before the referral code ($80 – $15 = $65 and you’ll need to spend $65 to trigger the Amex Offer). I used this Morton’s Kosher Salt for $2.49:

morton salt

After the $15 referral discount, it comes down to $67.45:

boxed referral

That’s actually about 52 cents cheaper than using the 15% off discount code and you get some free salt :-).

Portal cash back?

Of course, shopping through a portal might provide a bit more savings yet. I am not sure whether or not you can stack portal cash back with either the first order code GETBULK or my referral code PUZHH. My guess is that a code would invalidate the cash back (but both codes offer greater discounts than the best available cash back). Still, I’d click through a shopping portal and give it a shot. TopCashBack is offering 8% back and that seems to work for either existing or new customers:

boxed cash back at TCB

If the portal cash back works, you’re looking at saving about another $5 and change on top — dropping the deal even further. BeFrugal and Simply Best Coupons are also offering 8% back. Check for the best rates and see our shopping portal sign up links if you don’t yet have an account.

But I don’t want a pantry full of paper towels

Understandable — this is just an example to show the potential savings. You can obviously mix and match with other products for a substantial overall savings.

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[…] written in the past about stacking promotions to nab a pretty solid deal at (See: Amex Offer in use: 50% off on paper towels at and Better discount: Works for existing customers, too). According to our Reasonable […]


Below code(HFM83) is a brand new code hopefully valid till 12/31/2017.

or use the link below

Happy savings!!!


Use LVWC4 for $15 off your $60 order:


I used Angela’s code. Here is mine:

John Yen

Use 5EH6L $15 off $60


Please use LVWC4 for $15 off your first order of $60 or more.

John Workman

Anyone looking for $15 off can use my code. HUGWP or link:

Julian Banks

Unfortunately, they have removed the ability to stack coupons (I waited too long!!!). However with Topcashback’s 9% off (ending in 2 days btw), it’s still a solid combo of $25 off $65, 25% off and 9% off.

Here’s my referral to get $15 off your order:

Also, a referral for TopCashBack if you want the 9% (you get $5 Amazon Gift Card):


Below is my referral code for $15 off $60 on your first order. Thanks for using it.


Here is one more referral link 🙂


Enter code OVV98 at checkout to get $15 off your order of $60 or more. or click direct


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Feel free to use this 15 off 60 code

Thanks in Advance !!


Here’s another code in case helpful.



I ordered but did not get the notification that I used my Amex offer and there’s no credit posted on the card even though the charge is pending
has anyone gotten the Amex credit?


finally got the credit today for order from over 2 weeks ago


[…] quickly recap, I showed yesterday how you could stack a referral code (good for $15 off of $60 or more) with the Amex Offer for $25 […]


Hey Nick,

I think the offer from AmEx is even more valuable and worth writing about (hint hint). I just ordered $200 worth of contact lenses and I could shoot myself in the foot for not doing this offer instead. It’s possible it just came out, but I see it now and I am jealous. Just an FYI
Spend $150 or more, get $40 back


Another $15 off $60 code in case the rest are used up:



Their p&s toilet paper is a rip off compared to Costco – same price but only 770 sq ft vs 1593 at Costco Kirkland (both premium 2 ply and 30 rolls)


Here’s mine for $15 off:

Thank you for using my code.


If Boxed had more basics (like sugar), I’d cancel my Costco membership in a heartbeat as I detest the parking, long lines and morons who insist on leaving their carts blocking the aisles while they stuff their oversize gullets on crappy feebies. Paying a few more bucks to avoid Costco mayhem is money well spent.


Here’s my referral in case other’s have expired:


I know you’re comparing apples to apples here as far as buying online, but anyone with a Costco membership is going to buy paper towels when shopping in the warehouse and they’re going to pay at most $18 (I believe its $17 here) and not $23.99. That brings the price down to 1.75 sqft at worst, which is still higher than the end result of this boxed offer but also doesn’t require any hoops or time.

I’m sure I’ll look into this boxed offer as it seems there’s some good deals to be found. I do appreciate these kinds of posts with a breakdown and how to use these offers though.


Worked great for me! I’ve found that some codes mentioned above has expired.

Here is mine: (or enter XJR9M when you’re checking out) for $15 off $60 or more.


You can also use my referral code if Daniel’s code is expired. thx


Anyone wants to use my code for $15 off


Good deal…

Anyone wants 15$ off can use my code too – Code is 5NODG or sign up with the link below


Feel free to use my referral code FWDFR for $15 off $60 as the original is no longer available!


I appreciate the small, medium and big deals. The game is all about hacking and saving as much in every aspect.

Boxed is amazing for household items in bulk when you can stack offers, coupons and portal cash back.

I don’t have a Costco membership so this is the next best thing.


Plenty of people appreciate these posts so please keep them coming.


DansDeals covered this AMEX Offer today, too. He listed lots of products you can buy, which motivated me to look a little deeper. They’re basically selling non-perishable Costco-like items at Costco-like prices. So when you can take an additional 50%+ off, there are good deals. I bought things like olive oil, pancake syrup and dishwasher tablets. Even before cashback (I tried topcashback, we’ll see what happens), the discount is more than 50% on an $87 purchase, so we’ll see what happens. I didn’t get an immediate “you’ve used your offer” email from AMEX, but hopefully it all processes smoothly.


Topcashback’s 8% discount worked with this deal.


I sort of agree with the above posters, but I suspect that most of the people who like to “game” their travel expenses also game their other expenditures, too (it’s in our DNA). I know I do, but things like groceries and paper towels are too small an expense to spend a lot of time and effort on. I typically look at one of the “mommy sites” (livingrichwithcoupons covers my local supermarkets) before I do my grocery shopping and follow their money-saving strategies to buy the things I’d normally shop for. Without their help, it wouldn’t be worth my time to figure out (I’d just look at the weekly circular and stock up on the things that were on sale).

So it is with this “Boxed” deal. I’m not going to buy a zillion paper towels, but if there was a quick read telling me what the good deals were at Boxed, I might try to use the AMEX offer. Otherwise, it’s not worth the time to figure out.


A post about paper towels makes me really, really sad to see how far this hobby has fallen over the last couple years

Laura Roland

I thought the same thing. Thank you for saying it so I didn’t have to. 😉

ALTHOUGH…the more money I save on paper towels, the more money I have to spend on travel. Right?


Don’t tell that to The Pudding Guy… !!