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20-40% transfer bonus from Capital One to Etihad Guest

Etihad Guest is offering an opportunity to get a 20-40% transfer bonus when transferring from select programs to Etihad Guest. The only US-based program likely to appeal to most readers would be transfers from Capital...
Credit card payment online shopping portal

15x Dell, 9x IHG, 100x NordVPN and more at Rakuten

Update: Some readers have pointed out that the NordVPN deal may not track based on the full price paid. See this comment about a previous Wyndham deal and this one indicating that DPs from reddit...
how to apply for business credit cards

How to apply for a business credit card for a sole proprietorship

Business credit cards often have really great bonuses and it is very common for points and miles collectors to get them. Personally, I never really thought twice about whether or not to apply for business...

Shortcuts to airline elite status

Want to rile up frequent flyers who earn elite status the old fashioned way? Let's talk all about shortcuts to airline elite status. Whether you're starting from scratch and need to generate elite status...
Episode 63 of Frequent Miler's Ask Us Anything, Live

How many credit cards does the Frequent Miler team have? – Ask Us Anything...

We had a lot of fun questions on our most recent Ask Us Anything, Live episode, including a question about how many credit cards each of the Frequent Miler team has. Maybe it's a...
How to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards to partners

How to transfer points from Chase Ultimate Rewards to partners

A big reason why Chase Ultimate Rewards are useful is because of the long list of transfer partners available as a premium benefit on certain cards. If you have one of the Chase cards...
Grist Mill

Yes, you really can get paid to move to West Virginia.

Early in 2023, Nick wrote a post about remote work incentives like getting paid $12K to move to locations in the US. Nine months later, I am living that headline, writing this post from...
Which credit cards should I apply to first

Which credit cards should I apply for first?

Personal situations and goals can impact which credit card you should apply for first, but there are some strong reasons to consider a Chase Ultimate Rewards credit card while you're still new at the rewards travel hobby. And you might consider getting one of the premium Chase cards which allows transfers to partners. We'll explain why...
Are you keeping your Hilton Aspire Card - Ask Us Anything Ep 62

Are you keeping your Hilton Aspire Card (and what are your bold 2024 predictions)...

With Greg on vacation, the rest of the gang answered questions about maximizing the Alaska companion pass, whether or not the Hilton Aspire card is worth keeping, and our bold predictions for the miles...
How to Find Qatar QSuites Video

What I learned from watching Greg find Qatar QSuite award flights [Video]

While I definitely am no closer to learning how to properly pronounce "Qatar", I am learning lots of other nerdy things by watching Greg's how-to videos. This time, he walks through how to find...
FM Ask Us Anything - Alaska Special

Alaska us anything – We discuss the new Alaska award chart [Video]

Today we hosted a quick, impromptu Ask Us Anything, Live - solely to field your questions about Alaska's change toward a new, unified award chart. We've already written some initial thoughts about wins and...
FM Ask Us Anything ep 61

What’s the best travel destination on the East Coast? | Ask Us Anything Ep...

It wasn't technically Halloween when we went live to answer reader questions yesterday, but we love an excuse to goof off, so we all put on zoom costumes for this episode. As usual, our listeners...
FM Ask Us Anything (Ep 60)

Favorite European Airlines | Ep 60 AUA

We absolutely love how creative our listeners are each month during our Ask Us Anything, Live on YouTube. During episode 60 for example, we got to tease out whether or not we have any...
FM Ask Us Anything (Ep 59)

Why does Greg hate flying Southwest? | Ask Us Anything Ep 59

This past Wednesday we had another fun evening answering questions from readers. For instance we had a surprisingly hard time narrowing down the options for a reader who asked which credit cards make the...

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