How to Find Qatar QSuites Video

What I learned from watching Greg find Qatar QSuite award flights [Video]

While I definitely am no closer to learning how to properly pronounce "Qatar", I am learning lots of other nerdy things by watching Greg's how-to videos. This time, he walks through how to find...
FM Ask Us Anything - Alaska Special

Alaska us anything – We discuss the new Alaska award chart [Video]

Today we hosted a quick, impromptu Ask Us Anything, Live - solely to field your questions about Alaska's change toward a new, unified award chart. We've already written some initial thoughts about wins and...
FM Ask Us Anything ep 61

What’s the best travel destination on the East Coast? | Ask Us Anything Ep...

It wasn't technically Halloween when we went live to answer reader questions yesterday, but we love an excuse to goof off, so we all put on zoom costumes for this episode. As usual, our listeners...
FM Ask Us Anything (Ep 60)

Favorite European Airlines | Ep 60 AUA

We absolutely love how creative our listeners are each month during our Ask Us Anything, Live on YouTube. During episode 60 for example, we got to tease out whether or not we have any...
FM Ask Us Anything (Ep 59)

Why does Greg hate flying Southwest? | Ask Us Anything Ep 59

This past Wednesday we had another fun evening answering questions from readers. For instance we had a surprisingly hard time narrowing down the options for a reader who asked which credit cards make the...
Frequent Miler Hat

How to buy a Frequent Miler hat (and other items we’ve designed over the...

Well Frequent Miler fans, the wait is over. Greg, Nick, Tim, and Stephen have been chattering on about their tips for traveling with miles and points, but I know you've all been eagerly awaiting...
FM Ask Us Anything Ep 58

How would the Frequent Miler team improve Hyatt? | Ask Us Anything Ep 58

On this month's Ask Us Anything Live episode, Greg, Tim, and Stephen answered viewer's questions about how to become better at finding and booking awards (16:23), which program we think is number 2 after...
Road to Masai Mara

Can you drive to Masai Mara? Navigating Kenya’s roads with a Toyota Rav...

In a recent post, Greg highlighted the JW Marriott Masai Mara and a plethora of award availability between September 2023 and June 2024. In his post he talks about why he's excited about the...
Carrie welcomes the stars in TeamLabs Tokyo

What is TeamLabs (and why should you go next time you visit Tokyo)

If you followed our Party of 5 team challenge, you may remember watching videos of our group of 5 playing around in a room full of lights and mirrors, (or maybe you remember the...
Ask Us Anything Ep 57

Business credit cards: Am I missing out by not applying? | Ask Us Anything...

We were unfortunately Nick-less for this episode of Ask Us Anything Live (since Nick was busy taking free cruises with his family) but the rest of us had our usual fun answering your live...
Group Hangouts at Airbnb in Philippines

7 Reasons why to book an Airbnb instead of a points hotel

Even though we all love suite upgrades, lounge access, and 4pm checkout, I think there's a strong argument to be made for Airbnbs sometimes being a better choice than points hotels. During the 4...

Forgotten South America airline partnerships

During our recent Party of 5 team challenge, Tim and I took the team to South America. In doing so, we took advantage of several airline partnerships that exist in South America (both during...

Iguazu Falls 3 ways – Party of 5 Daily Update

Update from Carrie: Hard to believe we've come to the final day of the Frequent Miler "Party of 5" challenge. As the grand finale of the Team SFO itinerary (and final day of our...

Rakuten: Earn up to 10%/10x At IHG, Best Western, Expedia and Dell

Rakuten is back with another 10%/10x promotion for hundreds of retailers online as well as a number of in-store retailers as part of their card-linked program (the in-store options are pretty sparse). Some of...

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