Announcing the 2024 Team Challenge | Ask Us Anything Ep67 | 5-8-24


In addition to our regular weekly podcast, we also host an Ask Us Anything Live on YouTube once a month where the Frequent Miler team answers listener questions about points, miles, rewards cards, and whatever else comes to mind. This special episode (67) was streamed live on May 8, 2024 and introduces our 2024 annual team challenge!

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(06:10) – Hi FM Team, now that we are approaching Summer, what you are most looking forward to this Summer?

(13:35) – how do you plan on handling the requirement for onward travel that many countries have in this challenge?

(15:37) – What’s the “budget” for the contestants in this challenge?

(18:09) – Scoring? (And) Will the judges share their scoring criteria in advance?

(19:06) – Will there be any opportunity for reader/viewer engagement at the convergence points?

(24:00) – I hope you plan to document via Instagram stories this time! That’s been my favorite way to watch along with the previous challenges in real time

(28:48) – Can you guess where you’re each getting sent?

(32:17) – What is a place you are hoping you aren’t sent to?

(35:39) – Thoughts on the strata? And the strata elite? Do you think there will be family language?

(37:40) – Do you think that citi rebranding the premier signals a much better chance of a prestige replacement/csr comp coming in the next year or so?

(40:30) – Thanks for all the awesome content! Citi has denied P2 and I premier 3 times in the last 2 years, should I product change my DC to Premier since it’s going away or try for Strata Elite?

(42:13) – hi team! what’s going on with transfers to Virgin? are points getting stuck in transit lately? would you advise holding off on transfers to virgin?

(44:11) – Can you speak on the capital one VX business priority pass rumors? My newly issued card is a visa and I’ve read on other blogs that the visas won’t have restaurant access. Is this true?

(46:46) – FHR Points question please – My Platinum AU is getting a points cost 33% higher than I get for the same stay, ideas on the reason?

(49:29) – Question: what are the most rewarding ways to get 529 gift of college gift cards?

(51:21) – Name your 6 must hit destinations if you were booking an ABA around the world trip

(55:39) – Is it worth to move 100k out of Fidelity to Meryl to get platinum honors ? Did FM team saw any inconvenience on maintaining 100k in Meryl

(58:36) – hi. I was recently informed by an Air France representative that it’s permissible to forgo the first leg of a reward ticket and still utilize the second leg. Can you confirm this?”

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Music Credit – “Into the Never” by Annie Yoder

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AJ O'Hare

Will Carrie and Stephen both be joining live at the destinations?