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(Free Nights Awarded ) Why I paid over $1000 to upgrade 3 no-fee Hilton...

Update 5/15 - I wanted to do a follow-up to this original post as there were some questions about whether not upgrading to the Aspire would trigger a free night award without having to wait...

How to fight the mental cost of points and miles

About a month ago, the Point debit card started playing games with referral bonuses, resulting in a situation where those of us referring others to the card didn't know how many referrals we had...

JetBlue not on Points.com. No more Amtrak transfers (hopefully temporary?)

An astute reader pointed out to us on Twitter that JetBlue is no longer listed on Points.com. That means that, unfortunately, it is not currently possible to transfer JetBlue TrueBlue points to Amtrak Guest Rewards....

Star Alliance to launch a credit card, redeem across 26 airlines

Bloomberg is reporting that Star Alliance is planning to launch a credit card this year that will enable cardholders to redeem miles across all 26 member airlines. Interestingly, the article specifically notes that you'll...

[Update: Access on arrival restored] Delta Reducing Sky Club Access To 3 Hours Before...

Update 5/12/22: Delta sent an email to members today indicating that they have had a change of heart: customers will be able to access the Sky Club on arrival, with or without a connection. This...
Unenroll Amex Pay Over Time

How To Unenroll From Amex Pay Over Time (And Why You Should)

American Express has targeted many cardholders in recent months with offers to earn 10,000-30,000 bonus Membership Rewards simply for enrolling in Pay Over Time. To have a chance of getting targeted for these offers, you...

Citi Merchant Offers Now Available For Most (Or All?) Cardholders

In December 2020, Citi launched Citi Merchant Offers - spending offers that work similarly to Amex Offers and Chase Offers. There was a downside for many Citi cardholders though - they weren't targeted for this...

US Bank Now Providing Instant Credit Card Numbers For New Applications

A couple of years ago, US Bank announced that they'd be introducing the ability to obtain credit card numbers instantly for new card applications. There seemed to be a delay in that functionality being introduced,...

A “brief” guide to Zemi Beach House and Anguilla

At the end of March, my wife and I were able to spend six nights on Anguilla at Zemi Beach House. Anguilla had been on my radar for several years due to the combination...

Tempe Mission Palms, Destination Hotels: Bottom Line Review

Destination Hotels is an interesting little catch-all brand that was integrated into World of Hyatt between Summer 2019 and Spring 2020. It includes both traditional hotels as well as residences and is one of...
American Airlines Planes

Did You Buy 500 Mile Upgrades? American Airlines Might Compensate You.

A couple of months ago, American Airlines announced that it would be revamping its upgrade process. As part of that process, they advised that anyone with AAdvantage elite status would receive complimentary upgrades - including...
Point Debit Card No More 5x

PSA: Many PointCard 5x Spending Offers Have Finally Ended

Bad news for those of you who have been taking advantage of the PointCard debit card's 5x spending offers at some popular retailers - those particular Access deals have now come to an end. Those...
Marriott Bonvoy Moments

Flush With Marriott Points? Don’t Forget Marriott Bonvoy Moments For Unique Experiences

Most of us collect hotel points in order to save money on hotel stays, with other redemption options that hotel loyalty programs offer (e.g. gift cards, merchandise, etc.) usually providing very poor value for...

Hyatt Regency Miami: Bottom Line Review

My wife and I just wrapped up a two-week stay in Florida and Anguilla with a week of vacation at the marvelous Zemi Beach House and a work week at the Hyatt Regency Miami...

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