Awesome targeted offers from Amex (10K points) & Citi (5x)


Over the past year or so, both Amex and Citi have been emailing out periodic targeted spending offers, presumably to those whose spending has dropped or anniversary is near. Barclay’s is also known to often send out spending offers around anniversary time. We received a recent report of a great offer from Amex that caused me to look through my email and find one I had missed from Citi.

The Deal

  • Targeted offers are being sent by Amex and Citi to encourage use of various cards – keep an eye open for emails

Awesome Amex Offer

We received a recent report of a pretty awesome targeted spending offer on a Business Platinum card: earn 10,000 points on next purchase:

That’s essentially a gift of 10K points, which I’d much rather receive than the ~$100 gift cards that Amex has been periodically sending out to personal Platinum cardholders (though I won’t be greedy — I’m happy to take a $100 gift card off your hands if you’re listening, Amex!).

If you want to check and see if you are targeted, see this link and log in. If it says the system is not available right now or you’re not targeted, you’re not targeted.

The subject line of the email was: “[Name], as a special thanks, earn 10,000 Membership Rewards® points”

Citi Prestige 5x offer

The above report caused me to take a look through the ole Inbox and I came across this offer I almost missed on my Citi Prestige card:

They had me at “5x”. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty low cap — up to 2,500 bonus points (i.e. up to $625 in purchases). Still, with these options to earn it will be easy to max this one out:

It only took one click to activate (no need to even sign in). The subject line was, “Nicholas, Use Your Citi Card to Earn Bonus ThankYou® Points on Eligible Purchases: It’s So Simple to Activate!”. I probably would have missed that altogether as I couldn’t see the “simple to activate” portion of the subject line before clicking the email and I probably initially assumed it was telling me I could earn 3x on travel and 2x on dining and entertainment.

Bottom line, don’t forget to keep an eye on your inbox for offers like these. They tend to come around in batches, so it’s worth taking a look at your email for anything you might have missed.

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I’ve also gotten offers on my Delta Amex for an extra point/dollar up to $2000. And my Amex offers recently has tons of offers for “one extra membership reward point” at places like Staples, Best Buy, Lowe’s, and even GrubHub.

Nate Nate

I thought the Citi Prestige was dead to new applicants.

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Pretty sure that’s $500 in purchases, not $625.

Biggie F

I’m too lazy to find it now, but I wrote a masters thesis on this on FT, for a similar offer with the Preferred card. In brief, you are right and so is Nick, since one can find both interpretations in different prose on their websites. Nick is a bit more right, however, since they do seem to be paying out up to $625.