Better than best offers on several cards


Earlier this afternoon, we published a post about increased offers on the Everyday and Everyday Preferred cards. We published that post when testing our best offers page and finding some new referral offers that were even better than those that you’ll find on our Best Offers page (which lists the best publicly-available offers). However, it turns out the referral offers we published were apparently targeted. When testing our best offers, I often use a different browser than the one in which I customarily log into my accounts and browse the Internet. However, after updating the offers and publishing the post, a reader pointed out that they did not see the same offer — and I realized that I no longer did either. YMMV on seeing better-than-best offers, but these are some targeted referral offers I stumbled on today:screenshot of a screenshot of a credit card a screenshot of a card screens screenshot of a credit card screens screenshot of a credit card a screenshot of a card a screenshot of a credit cardWhile some of those offers match the same offers we’ve had listed on our Best Offers page for a while now, there are a few standouts. The offers for the Everyday and Everyday Preferred are higher than usual, as was the offer on the Green card. The Amex Platinum card and Gold card also have noticeable bumps.

Each of those offers are certainly worth some consideration if you’re eligible — though of course note that most welcome offers are not available to those who have or have had the product before (regardless of whether or not you previously received a welcome offer).

It’s always good to get more points, and this is a reminder that it’s worth checking from time to time to see what you may find.

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Parts Unknown

Incognito with VPN will show the best. It’s even possible to use a referral link & still get these to show. I’ve had the best luck with VPNs with a Silicon Valley, Florida or NYC IP.

seema goyal

It’s Nice thank you for sharing with us.