(EXPIRED) Bilt Rent Day: 2K free points and March Madness tickets

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Earlier this week, Bilt set out a number of benefit options in a playoff-style “Bilt Bracket”, with members voting daily to eventually pick the March 1st Rent Day benefit. The winner was the ability for Bilt members to earn 1,000 points by linking a credit or debit card to their Bilt account. This is now live in the Rent Day tab on the app; you can add up to two cards for 2,000 total points.

Bilt Platinum and Gold members have access to both the winner (1,000 points for adding a credit or debit card) and the runner up, which is earning 5x when using their Bilt Mastercard at grocery stores today only. That benefit is capped at 2,000 total bonus points,

Going along with this month’s March Madness theme, members also have a chance to redeem points for NCAA men’s basketball tournament tickets.

Bilt Rent Day

The Deal

  • All Bilt Rewards members will receive 1,000 points for adding a credit or debit card to their Bilt account. This can be done twice for 2,000 total points.
  • Platinum and Gold Bilt members will also get 5x when using their Bilt Mastercard at grocery stores.
    • Valid for purchases made on 3/1/24 only, up to a total of 2,000 bonus points.

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Other Rent Day Deals

  • Redeem Bilt points for NCAA Men’s Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and Final Four games
    • Bilt Rewards is also offering the opportunity to redeem points or cash for tickets to the Men’s NCAA basketball tournament (Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and Final Four rounds in Dallas, Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles, and Phoenix). Tickets start at 15,000 Bilt points or $200 each.
    • Tickets must be booked in the Bilt app.

It’s worth noting that Capital One also had cardholder exclusive tickets to both the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments last year. If you have Capital One miles and want to go to either tournament, it might be worth keeping an eye on their cardholder exclusives as well.

  • Bilt Spending Offer
    • Earn double points on the Bilt Mastercard (up to 10,000 bonus points) on 3/1/24:
      • Dining – 6x points (normally 3x)
      • Travel – 4x points (normally 2x)
      • All other spend excluding rent – 2x points (normally 1x)
  • Point Quest Trivia
    • You can earn extra Bilt Points by answering trivia on “Point Quest” in the Bilt app on February 1st.  Answer 5 questions, and you win up to 150 Bilt Points. Answer all 5 questions correctly and you’ll get access to a bonus question for another 100 Bilt Points to win a total of 250 Bilt Points.
  • “Rent Free” Game Show
    • On the Rent Day tab in the app, members can guess the top three answers to questions that were asked to 1,000 Bilt members
    • Each member will get one entry into the free rent sweepstakes for each correct answer they get (up to three entries max, maximum of $2,500 per person)
  • Monthly Rent Giveaway
    • Enter for a chance to have next month’s rent paid for. For your chance to win, submit your name, home address and e-mail address to rentdayride.giveaway@biltrewards.com.
    • Winner will be notified via Instagram
  • SoulCycle and Rent Sweepstakes
    • Bilt members can take a free class at SoulCycle locations nationwide on February 1st. Each class has up to ten free spots for Bilt members. Free classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and can booked in the app starting January 29th.

Quick Thoughts

This month’s promo is obviously far less interesting than the massive airline program transfer bonuses that Bilt has been running recently. Still, it’s an easy one for everybody to take part in, given that all you have to do to get the points is link a credit or debit card to your account. If you don’t want to leave the cards linked, you can always remove them once you’ve received the points.

The additional perk of 5x at grocery stores for Gold and Diamond members is also limited at 2,000 bonus points, putting it firmly in the “better than nothing, but not incredibly exciting” category. If you have the card and can easily stop by a grocery store today, there’s no reason not to take advantage of it. You’ll hit the 2,000 point max at $500, so there’s no need to go beyond that…just remember to hit your 5 monthly transactions in order to receive the points.

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Anyone not seeing the add-2-cards 2k Bilt bonus points show up after 72 hours? It’s March 8th and still nothing for me.

Bilt Members will receive 1,000 points when they link a new credit or debit card to their account. This offer is valid up to 2,000 points. Please allow 72 hours for the points to appear.

David Hanson

Sigh. I can add one card, but adding the second card keeps bringing up an error with each field noted as “must not be null”–even though they are not null.

And this is attempted on a backup phone, since Bilt has not been able to fix the bug they acknowledged they had with Samsung s23u phones for the past year.


Just close and reopen your app.

David Hanson

Thanks. Alas, not only tried that, but rebooted the phone. No joy.


Bummer… worked for me. Hope you find a workaround.

David Hanson

@vee, did you have the same issue–adding one card works fine, but not a second one?

And closing and re-opening fixed that?

Tried 3 more cards, and they all give variations on that same false error.


Yes, closing/reopening allowed me to add my second card. That’s why I thought it would work for you too.

Dave Hanson

Thanks vee, Adam, Andrew, and Sco.

I finally got it to take, not sure why but at least it’s done. 🙂


Restarting the app worked for me as well with the second card.


I got the same error, but then after I restarted the app, the card was already showing in my wallet. So at least for me, it seems like it added the card to my wallet even though it was giving the error. My points for adding the card have also posted now.


Keep restarting the app. Finally worked on the 3rd time for me.

Maestra K

How do you “link a card” to your account? I can’t find any way to get that 1000 (x2) bonus today.


Does the grocery stack with the rent day, amounting to 6x on grocery?