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$150 deposited today


OMG! They want my nonexistent bylaws?


For a LLC, you need upload ID, video confirmation to open account, provide EIN plus EIN letter, articles of incorporation and in CA, operating agreement. I got a call and email minutes after submitting the application from a Relay business development rep to book a zoom appointment to provide an end-to-end walkthrough of Relay. I let the call go to VM which may have triggered the email. I am not scheduling an appt.


Yeah, I gave up. They wanted WAY too much info. I don’t mind providing my EIN, but the IRS LETTER giving me the EIN? I doubt I kept it a week and that was 30+ years ago. Also, articles of incorporation and bylaws?! That is ridiculous. I can get a 50k line of credit with 1/4 of the info this place wants. And, thanks for the heads up about the “walk through.” I wasted 15 minutes filling out the info, but at least I didn’t waste another 30 uploading ancient artifacts before I found out about a call or zoom meeting (glorified sales call I’m sure) that I would never take. Oh well. As always, things that sound too good to be true often (but not always) are.


@ Tim — I love that Brex asked me to “proactively close your account through Brex dashboard”. They can initiate closure themselves. The balance of my cash and rewards has been zero for moths, so I’m not sure why they think that I should take any action close my account. I have no interest in helping them.