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Brex LifeMiles 25% Transfer Bonus

(EXPIRED) Brex: Get 25% Bonus When Transferring To LifeMiles

In the unlikely event that you still have an active Brex account, they're providing an opportunity to get more value from your points this...
Brex LifeMiles 25% Transfer Bonus

(EXPIRED) 25% Transfer Bonus From Brex To Avianca LifeMiles

If you'd been wondering what to do with your Brex points now that they're closing many accounts, LifeMiles just became an even more attractive...
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Brex-it: what to do with 100K Brex points?

Brex recently sent out account closure notices to many (most/all?) small business customers. Apparently intending to focus on large enterprise customers, Brex let me...
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“Brex-it” got you down? Relay Financial wants to give former Brex customers $150

Last week, Brex sent a flurry of emails to some cardholders saying that their accounts would be closed on 8/15/22. In the e-mail Brex...
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Brex closing many accounts, “changing strategy”. Should you transfer speculatively or cash out?

Brex sent emails to many cardholders yesterday (including members of the Frequent Miler team) indicating that our accounts will be closed on 8/15/22. Brex...
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Who offers the best transfer partners?

Transferable points programs are awesome.  If you find a great hotel or flight award but you don't have enough (or any) of the needed...
LifeMiles 25% Transfer Bonus Citi Capital One Brex

(EXPIRED) 25% transfer bonus to LifeMiles from Citi, Capital One & Brex

LifeMiles has launched a new bonus when transferring points from Citi, Capital One and Brex. The Deal Get a 25% bonus when transferring points from...
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[Update: Brex also] Capital One losing JetBlue TrueBlue as a transfer partner

Update 10/2/21: Miles Talk points out that Brex is also losing transfers to JetBlue TrueBlue on 10/25. It will be interesting to see if...
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[Expired] Brex: 110K transferable points without a credit inquiry (for business owners)

Brex Cash is a business cash management account that comes with a linked credit card.  The credit card works a bit like a debit...
Brex 20% Transfer Bonus

(EXPIRED) Brex: 20% Transfer Bonus To Select Airlines (LifeMiles, Flying Blue & More)

Brex announced a couple of weeks ago that they were offering a 20% bonus when transferring points to LifeMiles. It turns out that LifeMiles wasn't...
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(EXPIRED) 20% transfer bonus to LifeMiles from Brex

Avianca LifeMiles is offering a 20% bonus on miles transferred from Brex. With a minimum of just 1,000 points to take advantage of this promotion, this...
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[Update: Posting] 100K Brex points with PayPal Merchant Processing

  Update 6/26/21: Points have posted overnight for this deal. Unbelievable. Brex will be a tough candidate to beat for Deal of the Year 2021...
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Awesome cash back combos

Greg recently wrote a post about awesome credit card combos. In that post, he addressed terrific card combinations from Amex, Capital One, Chase, Citi,...
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(EXPIRED) 25% transfer bonus: Brex to Avianca LifeMiles

Avianca LifeMiles is offering a 25% transfer bonus on points transferred from Brex, or Capital One, until July 2, 2021.  We reported the Capital...

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