Buy $100 Visa at safeway and get $10 off your next shopping trip


Through July 16:

$10 off your next shopping trip when you buy $100 in Visa Gift Cards at Safeway.

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Can you use the $10 off coupon to cover the $5-$6 load fee on $500 Visa cards?

Frequent Miler

I don’t know


Variable cards are excluded as well. So no $5 to $500 cards. Only the fixed value $100 VISA cards or whatever. I never see anything bigger.

You CAN do this at the automated checkouts. The scanners are a little picky, just tear off the cardboard strip on the back and run it over the scanner several times. It will eventually pick it up.

The $10 coupon is good thru July 10th. Only do one card per transaction, pay, then repeat.


whoever is going to take advantage of this deal, remember that reloadables are excluded. So $500 Visas are no go.